Security Cameras- Watch Your Home

Ok, so you have your safe and you put your valuables inside it but is that enough for you? Do you feel more secure knowing that if someone breaks into your home your valuables will be protected?  Wouldn’t you want to catch the burglar if your home does suffer a break in? How are you going to do that? Enough questions, you need answers and security cameras will give them to you.

The average person does not think of the value of home security cameras. Often times we feel safe enough to simply lock our doors and hope for the best. You Read More …

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Shipping & Receiving A SafeSafeandVaultStore Podcast- 02

SafeandVaultStore Podcast

Join Dominic Schwebs with and guest Erik Weispfenning with TLM/Bedrock Logistics as we talk about how to handle all types of shipping & receiving issues. We strive to give you the best shipping method available, though every safe is different. You can imagine that every product shipping requires a unique situation. To cover a wide array of issues that come up during shipping, we went to the experts. Take a listen to our podcast about what it takes for us to ship your safe. Shipping & Receiving Your Safe You can also check us out on Itunes, and on Youtube,

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The Mystery behind safe cracking

If you have ever come across a safe or vault and wondered what’s inside then you are like many others in being intrigued by the mystery behind cracking safes. Coming across an antique safe and cracking it to find “buried treasure” so to speak has spawned a niche within an industry,  safe cracking. Ask any safe cracker and they will tell you it is an art form and they live for the sound of the “clink” of a successfully cracked safe.

There are many famous examples of safe cracking old safes with big media attention. The most notable is Al Capone’s secret Read More …

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A Revolutionary Metal – Steel


Andrew Carnegie

Steel Pioneer Andrew Carnegie

The industrial heartland of the US once produced the most steel in the world. Steel factories started popping up, covering the Great Lakes area of the Midwest.  From the end of the 1800s to the 1970s the raw materials used to make steel were abundant and the demand for steel was fueled by war and economic growth. During this period steel production was at an all-time high and in the US it spawned an industry that gave birth to the country’s wealthiest of business tycoons such as Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan, who formed Read More …

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01 – Demystifying Safe & Security Ratings – SafeandVaultStore Podcast

SafeandVaultStore is hard at work giving you the best information possible when it comes to safes and the safe industry. Dye Hawley, “Dye The Safe Guy” sat down with me to discuss the many possibilities of Safe & Security Ratings. He is an expert in his field with over 20 years of safe information experience. Take a listen and find out all the information you will need on the various rating factors of safes. This is our very first Podcast, and we welcome you. Stay tuned in the future for more podcast’s on all things safes and security. Gun Safe Security Ratings Read More …

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Supplemental Home Security

Home security when used properly should be a thorough network of tools and preventative measures working together to keep you, your family, and your home safe and secure. A good security system is the sum of a variety of small and simple precautions. There is no catch-all when it comes to home security and there are always additional supplements that can bolster your security system. Even if you have an all inclusive security system there are a lot of ways to further secure your home. Here we’ll look at some easy ideas that you can implement to keep your home and Read More …

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The Ten Best Things you need to know about home security

1. Neighbors

Identify your neighbors and form a neighborhood watch because power in numbers is a great thing. If you can’t form a neighborhood watch then identify neighbors with a clear sight to your house. Some can even notify the authorities before your alarm company can. (if you even have an alarm) having a nosy neighbor is not always a bad thing

2. Locks

I’m not going to tell you to lock your doors and windows and shut your garage door, but did you ever consider the access to the second story window you have right above your garage? The one with the flower Read More …

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Gun Safe Overview: Amsec RFX703620

To begin, this safe is a beast. This is the single most secure gun safe commercially available today. It is the only gun safe that has an Underwriter’s Laboratory TL-30×6 rating in addition to 2 hours of fire protection. Think of it as a combo gun and valuable safe. It is more secure than most burglar safes, more impervious to fire than most fire safes, and has the space you need for long guns with room to spare. Here we’ll look at some of the specifics.

  • Outside Dimensions: 76.00” H x 42.00” W x 29.25” D
  • Inside Dimensions: 70.00” H x 36.00” W Read More …
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Top 14 Most Secure Storage Vaults In The World

Governments and private companies go to great lengths to safe guard their assets and treasures. People have a great fascination with impenetrable places that hold the mystery of what is stored and how secure they are.  Some of the most protected places in the world safe guard billions of dollars in gold and diamonds. What you might find surprising is the plant seeds, films, books and music you may not think are worth protecting being found in similar places.

Fort Knox

The most secure vault is The United States Bullion Depository, A.K.A. Fort Knox. What is known about this place is all the country’s Read More …

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Reinforcing Outer Doors

An important and often under appreciated facet of home security is the strength of your home or business’s outer doors. Can your front door withstand a few good kicks from a burly man? There are a lot of underlying factors that compose the strength and integrity of an outer security door. Things to consider including build quality, brand, materials, and supplemental reinforcement. Here we’ll look at some easy ways to ensure that your doors are safe and secure without having to sacrifice aesthetics.


The first step to making sure your outer doors are strong enough to withstand an attempted break in is Read More …

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