How Do Custom Safes Differ From the Rest?

When you are shopping around for better ways to secure your belongings, you cannot get any better than a custom safe. After all, what kind of a thief would it take to crack open something he doesn’t even recognize or cannot find? Anybody outside of a cat burglar would be hard pressed to accomplish such a feat. We might even be inclined to be impressed if somebody is able to break open a custom safe. But you might be wondering: In what ways can something as impenetrable as a safe be customized? Let’s answer this question in detail now.

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How Secure Mailboxes Protect Against Identity Theft

When you think of the word “mailbox,” your mind most likely goes straight to the street-situated mailboxes in which you receive 90% junk mail, 2% letters from friends and family during the holidays, and 8% small packages. However, we are also willing to bet that you have no security on that mailbox, either. You might be wandering at this point: “Why are you mentioning this? We don’t seriously need security on the mailbox. That’s so pointless!”

A Criminal Epidemic

The fact of the matter, though, is that it’s not entirely pointless. Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States, Read More …

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The Rules of Bolts and Locks

No matter where you go, the first line of defense for your home is the door. It keeps out everything from pests to the elements to burglars seeking to rob you of your good fortune and name. Oftentimes, the quality of the door and its lock system is all it takes to keep intruders out of your house. So it is extremely important that you find the appropriate lock and deadbolt to install on your door. Many different types are available though one deadbolt may look similar to another. So here are some things you should be aware of.

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Product Overview: First Alert DWS-471 Wireless Security System

In the security industry, the term practically goes hand in hand with surveillance. There is a reason why the terms “security camera” and “surveillance monitor” are interchangeable. So if you are looking at making your home more secure for you and your family, you probably need a lot more than just a shotgun and a good safe to keep it in. A camera can give you precisely the peace of mind you need. Now, we have many great cameras and monitors in our stock here, but one of the best, in our opinion, is the DWS-471 model from First Alert.

Perks and Features

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Safe Overview: First Alert 2070AF

When it comes to security there’s nothing better than concealment to bolster the protection of your valuables. For this reason wall and floor safes have become very popular and are a great option for upping the security of your home or business. Here we’ll look at a wall safe produced by First Alert with a few unique features and a great reputation for quality and security.


One thing that sets apart this wall safe from others among the same class is the 2070AF’s ability to expand creating additional room for storage and more flexibility in where it can be installed. The depth Read More …

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Looking Out for the Right Laptop Safe

When you are shopping around for safes—whether it’s for your guns, your money, or important documents—you are undoubtedly looking for something with a lot of security and just as much space for those important items you want to keep… well, safe. But one type you are probably not on the market for is a laptop safe. Maybe you think it’s a superfluous purchase or something you don’t quite have the space for. However, a decent laptop safe can protect you from more than a world of hurt as more people begin to rely on laptops for the bulk of their digital Read More …

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Disaster Kits

Although the Mayan doomsday prophecy has come unfulfilled it is never a bad idea nor too late to prepare for unforeseen emergencies. During the Cold War it was a common practice to outfit basements and bomb-shelters with a wide array of non-perishable supplies; however, this fad has worn off to some extent today. National security threats may be at a minimum but it is still a wise idea to keep an emergency shelter properly outfitted for any array of natural catastrophes that could occur. There is a wide range of potential disasters that could leave you and your family without access Read More …

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Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry is an ever popular candidate for secure storage but too often is left forgotten without proper maintenance. While the bulk of its value will be maintained over time there are a few important facets worth noting that can help keep your jewelry in its optimal condition. Here we will go into some important details for jewelry maintenance with a few tips to help you retain value and keep your jewelry looking its best.


One thing worth noting is that when jewelry is used and worn it’s very possible for personal care products like makeup and hair care products to cause your Read More …

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Safe Accessories

While safes are generally pretty standalone there are always a few ways to make the experience better and ensure that you have all of your needs taken care of. Safe accessories range from humidity control to organizational tools and lights and while not always necessary they can still be an important facet to home or business storage. Here we’ll look at some of the more important accessories and you can decide for yourself what is necessary and what is not.

Humidity Control

Some of the more oftenly considered necessary safe accessories are those related to humidity control. This includes desiccant packs as well Read More …

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Safe Overview: Sun Welding H48 Home Gun Safe

The Sun Welding H48 Home Gun Safe is a uniquely inexpensive full size fire rated rifle safe. Despite its low price at a bit over $900, this safe makes no concessions to build quality or materials and even comes with a full lifetime warranty. Additionally, Sun Welding safes are unique in that they are only manufactured in the United States. Here we’ll look a bit more into some of the features that this safe can offer as well important specifications you’ll need to know.


Outside: 48.00” H x 21.00” W x 20.00” D

Inside: 46.50” H x 16.50” W x 12.50” D

Interior: 5.55 Read More …

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