Jewelry Heist- Straight Out of The Movies

In the quiet little Washington State town of Puyallup there is everything you would expect to find in a small Pacific Northwest town. People are friendly and the shops are local. It is surrounded by trees and farms. You wouldn’t expect a jewelry heist that sounds straight out of a movie to happen but for the owners of Gold Definitions it did.

Most jewelry safes are high security safes that will protect a high dollar amount of jewelry. A TRTL-30×6 is the only safe with a security rating high enough to hold up to a million dollars in valuables. Make no mistake; Read More …

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Cultivating A Culture Of School Security

Schools across the country face security problems every day just like major business complexes do. Still, school shootings persist and the media accentuates the violence that is happening across the country with a tale of “this can happen to your community” type message. What goes into school security? Are your children safe when they go to school? Here are some common security measures kids face every day.School Hallway

Controlling Access

Up until the Columbine High School shooting children were always assumed “safe” in the buildings they use to learn in. The media has no doubt heightened the problem of kids doing unspeakable things in Read More …

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Arena Security- Securing The Impossible

Everybody is watching the World Cup and all eyes are on the soccer players. Camera shots of the stadiums filled to the brim with loud crazy sometimes unruly fans all waiting to see their favorite players and enjoy the sport. Fans are going to do what they want to do when their favorite team is on the field. A large amount of emotion attached to the game and alcohol only fuel the fire that might erupt into a security nightmare that stadium officials work tirelessly to prevent. Have you ever been to a large crowd event like a sporting event or Read More …

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You Need An Empty Car

You have your wheels and that bumpin’ system to get you on your road trips, daily grind, and everywhere else. You have leftover camping gear from that one weekend out with friends. Your trip to the hospital leaves you with insurance papers scattered about. You are constantly reminded of those bills you need to pay by the stubs left in your glove compartment. Sound familiar? Americans practically live in their cars. It’s only natural; we spend so much time in them it is second nature to want to make your car fit your lifestyle as much as possible. All of these Read More …

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Modern Safe Cracking Tools

While safes have come a long way since their inception so too have the tools that are used to break and pry them open. While once upon a time a crowbar may have been enough to crack any fancy safe in the land this isn’t the case anymore. Safes are quickly getting thicker, stronger, and more secure but so too are the tools that are being used to crack them. From plasma torches to thermite there are a lot of unique and powerful ways to break into safes nowadays. Are safes really secure anymore? Here we’ll look at some of the more Read More …

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Refurbishing an Old Safe

Old safes can be truly beautiful, and even practical, pieces of history that are sought after by both antique collectors and safe collectors alike. Should you com y e across an old safe at a yard sale or flea market you can make an awesome project out of restoring it and even have some fun in the process. If the safe is still in working condition, and depending on the locking mechanism, it may still be suitable for storing valuables. If it’s not in working condition it could still make a nice aesthetic addition to your home or yard.


The first step Read More …

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Locking Security Briefcases

When you need to travel with valuables on your person it’s a good idea to be prepared for even the worst possible scenarios. One way to do so is to secure your valuables in a locking security briefcase while traveling or transporting important goods. This will make sure that there’s some added level of resistance between a potential thief and your valuables. These come in a myriad of different styles with varying levels of security so we’ll take a look at exactly what makes for an effective and durable security briefcase.

The Basics

There are a few basic things that you’re going to Read More …

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Home Invasions – What To Do


Home Break In

Roughly 20% of American households suffer a home property crime each year. Unfortunately for the unlucky few, some of these home invasions occur while the home is occupied. If this happened to you would you know what to do? Are you prepared to defend your home and family if someone discovers you are home and becomes violent? Don’t live your life in panic, and if guns aren’t your thing there are several options available to you.

Prevention = Great Defense

They say the key to a good football game is a great defense. You want to prevent Read More …

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A Brief History of Safes

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where the history of safes begin. Safes only began to take a similar form to what we’re used to in the early 19th or late 18th centuries. Before then people used wooden boxes bound in iron to secure their belongings (think treasure chests) which can date back over a thousand years. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that safe manufacturers really had the knowhow and materials to begin producing metal boxes resembling what we use nowadays with similar complex locking mechanisms. So, here we’ll look a little bit at the history of safes and just how Read More …

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Safe Camouflage

While, of course, owning a safe will innately protect your valuables; a lot of people often forget that the best defense is usually a multi-tiered security plan. One way to protect your things is to hide them. Even better, though, would be to hide your safe. While pretty much all safes are crackable with enough time, effort, and tools, this is not the case if the burglar cannot even find your safe. This isn’t really a new idea. Wall and floor safes have been around for sometime but there are also a lot of other unique ways to hide your safe. Read More …

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