Safe Brand Overview: First Alert

When it comes to high security safes, brand and reputation can be very important. There’s no reason to drop a lot of money on something if you can’t trust that it will deliver as advertised. Here we’ll look a bit at First Alert and see where this company comes from and how they have arrived to be the trusted brand that they are today. We’ll look at some of the history as well as what sets them apart from other safe manufacturers.

History and Inception

First Alert initially began its foray into the world of home safety and security not as a safe Read More …

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What Makes a Good Padlock?

Owning a decent padlock might just be one of the best investments you make. There’s a ton of great applications for a good padlock and if you shop smartly you can cut out some of the inherent weaknesses found in cheaper models. There’s even times when you’ll find yourself having to secure thousands of dollars of good behind a padlock (i.e. storage containers or a nice bicycle) so it might just be a good idea to do some research and get the most out of your money. So, here we’ll look at just what it takes to make a strong padlock Read More …

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Home Security: Wired vs. Wireless

While the general assumption these days is that wires are messy and complicated relics of a bygone era there may still be some perks for wired systems when it comes to home security. There is a bit of a divide in the home security sector as to which is better: wired or wireless? Each has its merits and shortcomings so there’s no clear victor past one’s own opinion. However, if you’re looking into a new security system and haven’t yet made up your mind this is very likely a question you’ll have to ask yourself: which is the right choice for Read More …

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Locking Mailboxes

Stealing mail is quickly becoming a popular past time for thieves everywhere. It’s a relatively risk free way for them to get access to your personal information that could potentially lead to identity theft. Fortunately locking mailboxes are a widely available and very effective method for combating mail theft. Here we’ll look at some of the basic regulations for locking mailboxes to make sure you won’t be making life more difficult for your mailman.

Basic Regulations

When it comes to locking mailboxes the basic regulations are fairly simple. The same basic ideas apply to locking mailboxes as to all others when it comes Read More …

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Retail Security

If you have ever worked in retail then you might be familiar with the practice of Loss Prevention. Loss Prevention is a policy set in place by the store to prevent theft and fraud. Each store has a different set of rules when it comes to this policy but generally they are all the same. The differences in policy practices and procedures can be seen in the size of the store. Each year 11 billion dollars is stolen from retailers large and small and some companies won’t survive from the amount of theft walking out their door.

You may hear a common word Read More …

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First Alert 2484DF Executive Gun Safe

The first alert 2484DF is an excellent quality mid-range multi-purpose gun safe. This safe comes with a plethora of quality security features as well as a one hour fire rating. Equipped with a programmable digital lock and pry resistant internal hinges, the First Alert 2484DF is an excellent option for the modest price range under $600. Here we’ll look at some of the technical specifications as well as the pros and cons of the First Alert 2484DF Executive Gun Safe.

External dimensions: 27.00” H x 18.50” W x 19.50” D

Internal dimensions: 25.50” H x 17.00” W x 14.00” D

Internal storage capacity: 3.50 Read More …

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Polyethylene Floor Safes

Recent developments by Hayman Safes have put an interesting polyethylene (plastic) floor safe on the market that seems to be shaking up the status quo. The big question is: how secure are these safes? Here we’ll look into how viable polyethylene is as a construction material for home and commercial safes and why you might see this trend catching on for the future.

Is polyethylene a viable replacement for steel? No way! However, it might just be okay for floor safes. The basic idea and the reason why a floor safe can get away with a plastic exterior is because in theory Read More …

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Electric Strikes

Electric strikes present an interesting method for managing your door security with a number of options that go above and beyond the typical deadbolts that have been a mainstay in the past. How exactly do electric strikes work though? In the past there has been a bit of hesitancy towards electric strikes in terms of fire and disaster safety but that needn’t be the case with modern fail-safe amendments that we’ll further investigate. There are a lot of different ways to configure your doors’ electric strikes and some interesting potential with modern home automation. Here we’ll look at some of the Read More …

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Budget Solutions for Storing Valuables

While the best case scenario for keeping your valuables safe is a modern burglar safe this might not always be a possibility. For the unique circumstances that require you to manage your valuables without a safe there are a lot of creative methods to keep your valuables hidden with a little do-it-yourself creativity. Here we’ll look at cheap ways to conceal your valuables in the most unsuspecting places.

Doorframe Cash Capsule

This is an interesting and quite clever method for concealing small amounts of cash or valuables. The basic idea is a small tube that is inserted in a hole drilled into the Read More …

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Fire Resistance Testing

Have you ever really wondered exactly how your safe or vault earned its fire rating? There are a lot of interesting details to be found in how these tests are designed and conducted that should hopefully bring you some peace of mind. Without the background information a fire rating is little more than a guarantee which is only as good as the entity that makes it. Fortunately the pricey words guaranteeing your safe’s durability in the event of a fire are coming from a very accountable source. The Underwriter’s Laboratory has been testing the fire resistance of various materials and safes Read More …

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