Are Gun Safes Water Proof?

Are gun safes water proof? This question is asked by many of our customers and the truth is, there are no gun safes to our knowledge that are “water proof”. Many people are misled by other companies that a water proof safe exists. Most all gun safes use a “Paulsel Seal” around the door named for the inventor. This seal expands to 5 times its size when a fire is burning outside the gun safe. (heat activated) The seal will help make the gun safe SOMEWHAT water and/or smoke “resistant” but not smoke or water proof. All fire safes except for the Honeywell Waterproof Fire Safe must be able to vent the “cloud of steam” that builds up inside, so the safe CANNOT be water proof.

The way that fire retardant material works on all fire safes with a fire test rating is that they pump moisture into the safe and actually create a “cloud of steam”. The Laws of Physics dictates that “steam” will not exceed 350 degrees fahrenheit. So, therefore, all the contents in the safe that are paper products including money will not burn. Paper and money will burst into flames at precisely 451 degrees fahrenheit.

Since the inside of the safe is in a “cloud of steam”, any sensitive items should be put into a double zip lock bag that is designed for boiling vegetables in water. The inside of the safe should not exceed 200 degrees or so. These zip lock bags can usually take up to 250 degrees of temperature and will do an ample job of protecting sensitive documents or other items that need to be protected from moisture. These zip lock bags can be found at any local grocery store.

Watch out for anyone who “claims” that their gun safe is water proof. The question to them is, how does this gun safe achieve it’s fire rating if it is also water proof? Remember, a fire safe can be “water resistant” but not “water proof”. If you do want to protect anything from moisture, purchase zip lock bags that are designed for boiling vegetables in water.

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