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3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dorm Safe

It is easy to think of your child’s dorm room as a safe space. After all, most dorms will require a card key simply to get into the building, and what modern college doesn't employ security guards? But, in fact,half of all the thefts that occur on college campuses happen inside of residence halls. Wallets, laptops, and other personal items make easy targets for college campus thieves. For the college student far from home, this loss could be devastating. Imagine an entire term paper disappearing in the span of time it takes to go down the hall and shower. Imagine a driver's license taken the night before an important flight home. After all,30% of all burglaries occur when someone forgets to lock a door or leaves a window open. One of the best ways for your college student to protect himself or herself from this sort of loss is by purchasing a dorm-friendly safe. But it can be difficult to decide which safe would be right for your student. Here are three questions that might help simplify your search.

How Large?

The size of the dorm will play a big role in choosing the right safe for your student. Your son or daughter probably doesn't have enough room for a floor safe, but there are many compact options such as laptop safes. In fact, one of the many laptop safe security features is their compact size, which allows them to be easily stored in a desk or dresser drawer.


Do You Need Fireproofing?

Fireproof safes are great for protecting personal items and important documents; however, a  fireproof safe might not be necessary for your child’s dorm. One of the primary reasons to forego purchasing a fireproof safe is the cost. In order for a safe to be considered fire-rated, it must have fire material that can insulate the temperature inside, even in extreme heat. This extra protection is clearly reflected in the price, so if you are primarily only concerned with petty theft, it might not be necessary to purchase a fireproof option.

How Secure?

There are a number of different types of modern laptop safe security features. Some are opened with a code, some a security card, other with a simple key. Biometric fingerprint safes are by far the most advanced and secure option on the market today; although, like fireproof safes, they might be more protection than is really warranted. What's important is that your lock is strong and that only your child has the means to open it. When deciding on a safe for your child’s college dorm, it can be confusing to sort through the myriad available laptop safe security features and options on the market. By answering these three questions, hopefully you will be able to understand what features are important for your child.