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    3 Tips to Keep Your Valuable Items Safe at All Times

    With laptop computers and smart cell phones being more commonplace in society, an emphasis needs to be placed on security in order to protect the most valuable and personal information stored within these devices. There are always going to be criminals who will try and physically steal your personal and business items, but since it's 2017, we also have to be on the lookout for digital theft. Here are a few ways you can keep your most important digital documents safe, secure, and out of the wrong hands.

    Password Protect Everything

    Just having your birthday as your password isn't going to cut it anymore. That might've worked for your high school e-mail address, but now you're dealing with much more valuable information and digital documents. Working with password generator services can help you have nearly unbreakable codes installed onto each of your devices and all your various accounts within them. These digital hackers are trained to break through subpar passwords, so don't have anything less than the strongest codes to protect yourself from digital theft.

    Use a Laptop Safe

    You can have the strongest password in the world, but your items won't be fully protected unless you lock them away in a safe and secure place. There are many types of laptop safes that you can use to keep your laptop stored away and prevent anyone from stealing it. In addition to the advanced laptop safe security features that are available, fingerprint safes can keep anyone other than you out of your safe and protect whatever items you have stored inside.

    Don't Trust Anyone

    Sadly, you can't even trust the people you work next to in the office. Over half of all the laptop and cell phone thefts -- 52% -- are stolen from the office or workplace, and 24% are taken from work conferences. You don't have to have a vigilant eye on all your coworkers, because odds are they arenot trying to steal your items, but you should at least keep all your items safely locked up when you're not physically in the office. If you want to protect your valuable items and digital information, contact today or call us at 800-207-2259 with any questions.



    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs, a home safety and security expert with over 15 years of experience is the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager of the Safe and Vault Store. He thoroughly understands the art of building brand awareness and skillful product marketing using the power of social media, crafting informative and engaging blogs, producing podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. Driven by the desire to provide the ultimate user experience, he has helped to build into a top-selling, nationally recognized e-commerce site. He is tireless in his pursuit of creatively expanding content, educating about home and business safes and vaults, and taking the website to the next level. Dominic is proud to live, work, and call Spokane, WA home.


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