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    4 Benefits Of Using A Wall Safe For Your Home

    As someone who wants to keep their possessions safe, it can be challenging to determine what kind of safe is best for storing money, guns, important files, and other valuables. After all, safes come in a wide variety including wall safes, floor safes, and fire-resistant safes.Wall safes are one of the more popular choices when it comes to choosing a safe. This is because wall safes offer an array of benefits including the following.

    Easy access for the homeowner

    A wall safe offers easy access for you as a homeowner because, unlike a floor safe, you don't have to move a rug or desk. You also don't have to worry about bending over in order to open it and deposit or take out valuables. You're able to arrange and look at the items inside of the safe at eye-level.

    Improved security

    Although safes deter burglars, a burglar-resistant safe is specifically designed to make it difficult for burglars to remove or break into the safe. Wall safes already offer a form of resistance because they're bolted into the wall. These bolts are covered by a thick flange, which makes it challenging to yank the safe from the wall.

    Saves room

    Compared to a gun safe or jewelry safe, which may be placed on the floor, a wall safe helps to save room by utilizing vertical space. For this reason, you can choose to place your safe anywhere in your home, including your bedroom or the basement.

    Easy to hide

    A safe in the wall is surprisingly easy to hide. A piece of art, a cork board, a whiteboard, or a photo can all nicely cover the face of a safe. What's more, a gallery wall can also deter burglars. Burglars won't have enough time to check beneath each and every piece of art you have hanging from your walls. You can also hide your safe behind heavier items such as a bookshelf.

    One of your top priorities as a homeowner is protecting your valuables from burglary and theft. At Safe and Vault Store, we offer a variety of safes for your business needs. To learn more about our safes, contact Safe and Vault Store today.

    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs, a home safety and security expert with over 15 years of experience is the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager of the Safe and Vault Store. He thoroughly understands the art of building brand awareness and skillful product marketing using the power of social media, crafting informative and engaging blogs, producing podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. Driven by the desire to provide the ultimate user experience, he has helped to build into a top-selling, nationally recognized e-commerce site. He is tireless in his pursuit of creatively expanding content, educating about home and business safes and vaults, and taking the website to the next level. Dominic is proud to live, work, and call Spokane, WA home.


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