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    5 Tips To Better Protect Your Laptop And Other Electronic Devices

    A burglary happens in the U.S. every 15.4 seconds, and 90% of them are never solved. Burglars typically target valuable, expensive, and easy-to-carry items such as jewelry, money, and digital devices. The theft of digital devices like smartphones and laptops can be especially damaging not only because of their material value but also because they contain private information. To help keep your own electronic devices safe from burglars and theft, consider the following safety tips.


    1. Keep your laptop out of sight. Although you're in your own home, it's a good idea to keep your laptop and other electronics out of sight from the public. This means it might be a bad idea to leave your computer by the window or near the front door. The more difficult it will be for burglars to find your personal belongings, the less likely they'll be able to steal them.
    2. Install a laptop alarm or lock. Burglars are able to get away with their crimes by working quickly. A laptop alarm or lock will make it more difficult for a burglar to steal your laptop and may deter them from stealing it at all. What's more, an alarm will help alert you and your neighbors that something is wrong and that you need to call the authorities.
    3. Use the right software. It isn't enough to protect the body of your laptop or electronic device. Be sure you're also using antivirus software and protection software to keep burglars and cybercriminals out of your personal information should they obtain access to your devices.
    4. Don't use a conspicuous bag. Nowadays, laptops can be carried in backpacks, purses, satchels, and briefcases. Try to carry your laptop in one of these bags to avoid carrying a laptop bag. Laptop bags are like neon signs to thieves that you're carrying something valuable.
    5. Invest in a laptop safe. Laptop safes are great because, unlike a bag, they're built specifically to keep burglars from breaking into it and accessing your electronic devices. What's more, laptop safes are heavy and difficult to move which deters burglars from simply picking up the safe and bringing it with them to crack into later.

    A laptop safe can keep your electric devices safe from burglary and theft. To learn more about laptop safes, business safe products, or accessories for your safe, contact the Safe and Vault Store today. You'll feel safer knowing your personal belongings are protected.