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    Arena Security- Securing The Impossible

    Everybody is watching the World Cup and all eyes are on the soccer players. Camera shots of the stadiums filled to the brim with loud crazy sometimes unruly fans all waiting to see their favorite players and enjoy the sport. Fans are going to do what they want to do when their favorite team is on the field. A large amount of emotion attached to the game and alcohol only fuel the fire that might erupt into a security nightmare that stadium officials work tirelessly to prevent. Have you ever been to a large crowd event like a sporting event or large concert? You might not consider the months of planning that goes into effect the minute you walk up to the gate. One Goal- Minimize Risk Prevention is the main focus of arena security. It is impossible for the authorities to watch over 50,000+ people even with multiple security agencies on duty. Prevention starts at the point of entry. This works two ways. The arena security wants to show fans they care about their safety, and prevent bad situations from occurring. Fans want to see that the arena is doing something to help keep them safe. Having to pass through a security gate with some official checking everyone with a metal detector and looking through bags and purses might seem like a pain but it gives simultaneous assurance that no one will pass through with a firearm or knife. You see little things like this and wonder why they are done but it’s all a part of the security plan set in place months prior.Sports Arena Prepare for the worst Every arena security plan is designed around one central key feature, the worst case scenario. One minor incident in a packed crowd of 50,000+ people could potentially set off a chain reaction that can have everyone stampeding out in a panic. Crowd control is a major planning aspect when it comes to the worst case scenario. Humans in large groups are like animals. They react together, and follow together. If people are running away with little to no reason others will follow. Preventing a worst case scenario takes calculated evacuation plans and procedures. If someone starts fighting or shooting in a stadium you can’t call 911 and wait for help. Working Together Security teams work together with local authorities’ months in advance of events to insure they have precise action plans in place in the event of any problems. What a fan might not see behind the scenes is the warning system in place to isolate a threat or intervene at the right time. Security cameras will scan the crowd, but it takes eyes on the ground in every section to get a closer look. Security personnel know their section by heart and know exactly what to do in an emergency situation. Keeping sections of a stadium segregated means that it is easier for security to concentrate on a smaller group instead of trying to blanket the entire crowd. Security personnel are not there to confiscate your alcohol, get you in trouble or watch you for sinister purposes. Fans behaving badly will always be easily spotted at any packed arena. They want you to enjoy yourself and be safe. The next time you look at a security guard checking a bag at the front gate just think that they are doing their job to keep you safe. [caption id="attachment_1503" align="alignleft" width="300"]Biggest Crowd The largest crowd gathering on record. Rod Stewart, Copacabana Beach 3.5 million people.[/caption]