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    Biometric Safes

    Here are, we pride ourselves on having the very best safes and vaults available to you. One of the newer innovations in the safe market are biometric safes and when I first saw them, I really thought they were something out of the future! Biometric safesare designed for quick and secure access when you need your items in a hurry. They utilize biometric technology so you never need to remember a tricky combination because the combination is right on your fingerprint.

    Have you used a biometric device before? Well…I hadn’t either so I did a bit of research to learn more about the technology. Biometrics are a way that computers and other machines can recognize a specific human based on an intrinsic (and totally unique) physical or behavioral trait.

    The most common application of biometrics is for identify access management (such as in the case of a biometric safe). The traits are that commonly used in biometrics are fingerprints (a la our safes), face recognition (such as in passport control), DNA, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, and odor or scent recognition. 

    The behavioral traits which are sometimes used include typing rhythm, gait, and voice. Biometrics can accurately be used for identity access management because these physical and behavioral traits are exclusively unique to each of us as human beings. For example, did you know that no one has exactly the same fingerprint as I do (though identical twins are said to share fingerprints along with all their DNA).

    This means that when a computer records and stores a specific fingerprint, it can accurately identify a match and open the safe (or whatnot). While in the past, there have been some complaints about the accuracy of biometric technology—in that, sometimes the machines would read false positives—these issues have largely been cleared up with more precise technology.

    Have you ever tried to access something with a biometric lock?

    It all looks so high-tech and sci-fi to me. Would you buy a biometric safe over one with a more traditional lock system?