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    Budget Solutions for Storing Valuables

    While the best case scenario for keeping your valuables safe is a modern burglar safe this might not always be a possibility. For the unique circumstances that require you to manage your valuables without a safe there are a lot of creative methods to keep your valuables hidden with a little do-it-yourself creativity. Here we’ll look at cheap ways to conceal your valuables in the most unsuspecting places.

    Doorframe Cash Capsule This is an interesting and quite clever method for concealing small amounts of cash or valuables. The basic idea is a small tube that is inserted in a hole drilled into the top of a door. It really is quite a genius hiding spot. The height means it’ll be out of sight most the time however the size is very limited. This method typically employs a small tube that can be raised and lowered into the pre-drilled slot via magnet and fits rolled up cash and small jewelry of coins snugly. This gets my vote for best hiding place. Cash Hiding Places When you want to hide a relatively small amount of cash there are a lot of great places to do so. One popular idea is to hide things in relatively plain sight but in the most unsuspecting ways. For example you could put money in a sock at the bottom of your laundry hamper and unless you accidentally put it through the washing machine chances are that it’s the last place a burglar would check. Other popular spots include taping envelopes underneath drawers or behind furniture. Get creative and there’s a lot of places where a bit of money would never be found. Bank Deposit Boxes This is another great solution to storing valuables cheaply. However, be wary about long term storage using bank deposit boxes because the cost may eventually add up over time and cost more than having your own safe at home. These boxes are usually relatively cheap and cost between fifty to one hundred dollars to rent per year with some variation depending on the bank. In a pinch it’s a great solution for short term storage of valuables. Just be wary about putting your will in a deposit box because it’ll be a nightmare for surviving relatives to get to it. Old Appliances This is another interesting method for storing valuables that seems to be effective to some degree. Hit up a yard or estate sale and pick up any sort of old cheap appliance that might work as a makeshift hiding place. Some examples include old vacuums, televisions, radios, and pretty much anything. The idea now is to hollow out the insides to some degree, stash your stuff, and throw it in the garage so it doesn’t look out of place. This is a tried and tested method but certainly not a permanent solution.