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    Building a Vault in your Home or Office

    For those of you who have unusually large firearm collections, or have home businesses that require large amounts of documents or other important storage features, a built in vault may be the best option. Vaults have essentially the same function as safes (to keep valuables safe from theft, fire, or water damage) but often involve transforming a whole room into a safe. Vaults are most commonly seen in banks where they completely fit out the entire vault with concrete and steel reinforced walls along with the heavy-duty door and lock. Unless you are storing large quantities of gold or jewels in your home, a home vault most likely doesn’t need to be quite so intense. But if you’re serious, consider getting a vault door and thinking about the solid construction of your walls, ceilings, and floors.

    AMSEC VD8030BF Burglar & Fire Resistant Vault Door

    Instead of buying three different safes over a lifetime, AMSEC vault doors turn your room into a security center. It is designed for easy installation that retrofits a standard 80" x 30" opening. Make your vault room double as a storm shelter with our vault door. Offering the same features as our standard vault door, the in-swing vault door will insure opening from the inside even if debris has blocked the door.  YOU must specify inward swing or outward swing at the time of ordering.

    Standard Features of the VD8030BF:

    • U.L. Listed Group II Lock with massive hard plate and two relocking devices.
    • Select from 4 textured finishes (Sandstone, Granite, Black and Chocolate Brown).
    • Commercial grade, Vault Door hinges.
    • New - Adjustable door frame slides together to fit a wall thickness of 4- 3/4" to 9-3/4".
    • Safety Lock Release: allows you to safely exit the vault room from inside. It also allows you to close and lock the door from the inside when equipped with an electronic lock, turning your vault into a safe room.
    • 2" thick door offers a defense barrier constructed of a 1/2" steel plate door combined with 1-3/8" DryLight insulation that provides a barrier against extreme heat.
    • 10 massive 1 1/2" chrome-plated locking bolts. (Note: no deadbolts required on In-Swing door)
    • Spy-proof key-locking dial with matching five-spoke handle, pull handle and bold zinc die-cast logo. Available in polished brass, chrome or black nickel finish.
    • 2 Stage Dual fire seals with silicone seal on door jamb and expandable Palusol seal on door.

    We have a great selection of vault doors for you to check out when considering your own home or office vault solution.