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    Buying Your First Fireproof Safe

    Buying your first fireproof safe can be a fun and enlightening endeavor. There is a multitude of options to choose from and countless ways to customize your safe to perfectly suit your needs. The most important thing to take note of before you begin your journey to purchase is what exactly you want to get out of your safe and what you plan to keep inside. There are two main fire ratings for fireproof safes on the market today depending on what you desire to keep inside.
    The first and most common rating of a fireproof safe is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that during a fire the internal temperature of the safe will never rise about 350 degrees. This is designed specifically for paper documents. The char point of paper is 450 degrees Fahrenheit with some variation depending on the chemicals present in the paper. So a safe with a rating of 350 degrees is guaranteed to keep your documents safe and intact during a fire.
    The second common rating for a fireproof safe is 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This rating will likely be more expensive but the lower rating means that it is designed for digital storage devices such as CD’s, DVD’s, and external hard-drives. Such digital storage devices will be rendered inoperable at a much lower temperature than paper so it is important to have a safe that will keep them operable in the event of a fire.
    Another consideration for your first fireproof safe is whether or not you need it to be waterproof. It seems a strange idea to buy a fireproof safe that is also waterproof but in many cases it is necessary to ensure the security of the safe’s contents. Depending on where you safe is being stored it is possible that there is either an automatic sprinkler system in case of fire or the fire may be put out with firehoses. So, regardless of how fireproof your safe is it doesn’t matter if it is not waterproof as well and you may lose your documents.
    One more thing to take note of when buying your first fireproof safe is impact resistance. If you are going to be keeping your safe above ground level it is possible that due to the weight of the safe and the compromised integrity of the building during a fire that your safe may go plummeting to earth through the floor and sustain a hefty impact. So, again, your new fireproof safe won’t be of much use if it breaks upon impact destroying the contents in the process.
    Lastly, you have to decide the size, weight, and locking mechanism of your safe. This depends largely on personal preference, how much you plan to keep inside, and whether or not you have plans to move it any time soon. With the above knowledge in mind take your time and find a fireproof safe that perfectly suits your needs and enjoy the process shopping for a fireproof safe.