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Collecting Antique Safes

Even if these safes aren’t necessarily what we would recommend if want to keep your belongings safe from burglary or fire, we still think they are pretty cool. Take a look at this website – it’s the home of THE antique safe collector, Guy Zani Jrwho has spent tons of time and resources gathering some of the neatest antique safes from 1826 until 1910. While the technology may not be as advanced as the safes we sell at SafeandVaultStore.com, we’re still pretty impressed with everything Mr. Zani has collected over the years.

 1871 Herring Safe Co. Victorian Parlor Safe with Pillard lock

This is a circa 1871 Herring Safe Co. Victorian Parlor Safe with Pillard lock. Interior has a lockable safe deposit box with 3 velvet lined drawers and 2 additional locking drawers. Dimensions are 58"H x 23"W x 23"D. Weight is approx. 900 lbs. Circa 1801 Italian Secretaire Habitante with Hidden Italian polished Hobnail Safe. This magnificent 207-year-old piece retains its original finish and hand-tooled gold guilt leather writing surface, with all original hardware. It has a key lock drop front door, with trick locks and the original 3 keys needed to access inside the safe. Dimensions are 58"H x 36"W x 19 1/2"D. Weight is approx. 400 lbs.

There are tons more photos on the website. Have you ever thought about collecting old safes? It’s such a cool and historical thing to collect though I imagine that getting them and hauling them around right be a bit difficult—they are NOT meant to be easily moved!This really gets me thinking about the kinds of people these banks and safe owners were trying to protect their belongings from. I keep thinking about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the opening of the film when the gang robs the train. Amazing!