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    What are the different types of safes available for a business?

    There are many different kinds of safes available - it can be quite confusing to those of you who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of home and valuable protection like we are. So let’s start with the basics. While I’m sure most of you who have made it onto this site and are reading this blog are well aware of what a safe is, but did you know that there are many different functions that a safe serves? A safe can be used to protect documents and other valuables from a bunch of different unfortunate circumstances – protection of theft, from flood, from fire, and from other natural and unforeseen disasters that might strike.

    There are safes designed for use in the home and those that are designed for use in small, medium, and large businesses. In this post we are going to outline some of the basics that you need to know about before you begin the process of buying your very own safe. For now we’ll just talk about a few different options for office or business safes. One of the main things that businesses need to protect against is theft – you wouldn’t want a thief taking secure documents, bank information, or keys, would you? Safes that protect theft are designed to be especially secure even against the most talented burglars. The locks are not easily breakable and the safes themselves are often hundreds if not thousands of pounds – too heavy to get out f a building without causing a stir. Businesses also need to protect valuables from fires.

    Oftentimes businesses will use these sort of fire-proof safes to house original or official documents that cannot be reproduced without difficulty. Fire safes have the challenge of maintaining a mild temperature inside of the safe while the outside of the safe gets very very hot. A piece of paper will burn at about 450 degrees Fahrenheit while most fires burn at around 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. They can do this by releasing moisture at various times to maintain a lower internal temperature. While most businesses do not handle large amounts of cash on a regular basis (they, rightfully so, use a bank for this) some do.

    Cash-based businesses such as restaurants and shops, have the added issue of keeping track up and keeping safe a large amount of cash every day. For these businesses, deposit safes are necessary to maintain a level of security at their businesses. These safes are commonly fixed to the floor (so that a burglar couldn’t walk out the door with it and with all the cash inside). A responsible person should take al the cash to a bank overnight as we do not suggest that businesses keep large amounts of cash on the premises even within a depository safe.