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    Do I Need A Biometric Gun Safe?

    Do I Need A Biometric Gun Safe?


    There are many factors to consider when buying a gun safe and now biometric technology is one of them. A biometric gun safe is one of the most secure gun safe designs available, requiring the owner's fingerprints to open it. But is a biometric gun safe really necessary to keep your firearms out of the wrong hands? Here's how biometric safes stand apart from other types of gun security.

    Secure accessibility 

    Most safes can be opened with a key or combination lock. It's no secret that a biometric safe uses your fingerprint to open it, but that's not all. Biometric safes can also come equipped with a key or combination lock in addition to using your fingerprint. This technology ensures that, even if someone were to somehow use your fingerprint to open the safe, your safe has extra security measures to keep people out. But what about emergency situations where your partner needs to access the safe instead of you? Biometric safes can recognize different fingerprints so you can choose who can enter your safe and who can't.

    Digital memory

    As we just mentioned, biometric safes can recognize different fingerprints. Depending on the safe you have, this also means that it can identify variations of your own fingerprint. Certain biometric safes require you to hold your finger a certain way so that the machine can read your print. But others with digital memory can read partial fingerprints. This can come in handy during an emergency situation. If an armed robber has broken into your house and you lay your finger on the pad improperly, your safe can still determine that it's you and open for you. Just be sure that you look into what type of biometric gun safe you're investing in before assuming that the safe has extensive digital memory for dozens of fingerprints. That may not be the case. But a biometric safe with a single fingerprint reader is still very secure compared to the average combination safe.

    Interested in a biometric gun safe for yourself?

    Approximately 73% of kids aged nine and under have reported knowing where their parents hide their firearms. Needless to say, unfortunate accidents can happen when you don't keep your firearms securely locked away. Biometric safes make sure that only you can access your safe. We suggest taking a look at the Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault, It is a biometric safe that allows for quick and easy access by using Liberty's 5th generation biometric fingerprint technology. It is the most reliable biometric system on the market today with a high accuracy rate and one of the lowest false read rates.

    To learn more about biometric safes, fireproof floor safes, or safe accessories, contact the Safe and Vault Store today.  


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