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    Does a hospital administrator need a safe?

    In a continuation of this series (we’ve already considered whether stay at home parents, photographers, accountants and more need safes), we’re asking whether a hospital administrator or office manager needs a safe. By now you probably have a good idea of what sort of things needs to be kept in a safe – the rule of thumb is that if you don’t want something to be stolen or destroyed it’s probably a good idea to have a safe for your belongings. This means that you should have a safe in your home for your jewelry; a safe in your office for your important documents; and a safe in your hospital for access cards, confidential patient information, and maybe even a secure space for biohazards.

    So let’s have a short think about the types of things that a hospital administrator might need a safe for. Hospitals deal with tons of confidential patient information every day. This information needs to be kept safe and secure. While a safe may not be the best solution for this—given the size of most commercial available safes, a vault is a better solution. In addition to patient information, hospital administrators also deal with tons of financial documentation including tax documents, bank account information, all sorts of bills from suppliers and payroll. All of these documents would be prudent to keep in a safe or at least in a secure and locked room if there are size constraints. For smaller items such as bank key or access cards for secure areas of the hospital, a traditional safe is a great solution.

    Are you a hospital administrator? Do you have any other ideas for things that should be kept in a safe in a hospital?