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    Gardall GH5-G-E Laptop Computer Safe Video Review

    Hi, Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley, Sales Manager here with Safe & Vault Store to talk to you today about the Gardall GH5-G-E Laptop or Hotel Safe.

    This safe can also be used at universities or dorm rooms to protect valuables or laptops. The safe measures 16-1/2" wide, it's 15" deep and 9-2/3" tall. There are 2 ways you can open the Gardall GH5-G-E and close it. One is with a 6 digit number here. The other one that I prefer is any credit card; Visa or Mastercard that you have. You simply take the magnetic strip and slowly swipe it. Wait until it says open on the front and there you go. She opens up for you. Another way is there is an emergency key override located right here. So for some reason the lock failed and the credit card didn't work or the 6 digit number didn't work, you can still get access and get your valuables out. In addition to the override key, there is a spare battery pack here.

    So in case, your batteries run low, you can just plug it in underneath here and put in your combination one time so that you can change the batteries which are located on the backside of the lock on the inside of the door. As far as laptops go, you can store up to a 15" laptop in this safe. Diagonally for the 15's. For 14's and under just put it in the regular normal way. This safe has anchor holes on the back and anchor holes on the bottom to secure it firmly whether it's a dorm, or a hotel, or your own home or an RV. Finally, Gardall has a 1-year parts and labor warranty on the GH5-G-E. Thank you for listening, this is Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley signing off with Safe & Vault Store.com.