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    Getting the Best Key Lock

    In the world of safety and security in this modern age regular keys are often forgotten in the clamour over the digital alternatives. While most people think that a key lock is one of the weaker locking options this may not be the case anymore with recent advancements in the security of keys. We have come a long ways since skeleton keys (though unfortunately not aesthetically speaking). Although the basic idea of pins and tumblers remains the same there are some great options for more secure keys. Here we’ll check out what your options are if you are set on sticking with the tried and tested key method for security.

    Multiple Sided Keys

    While these keys operate by the same principles as normal keys, these keys use multiple sets of pins and tumblers with different sets of teeth on a single key. Currently, there are two sides and four-sided keys available. The advantage here is that lock-picking is going to be near impossible, the key will be much more difficult to duplicate, and the lock itself will be more sturdy (two or four locks that need to be compromised rather than one).

    Abloy Keys

    Abloy keys are a very popular key used in some European countries that offer greater security than traditional keys. Abloy keys operate only with disk tumbler locks and are considered extremely difficult to pick. These keys are made from a small metal half cylinder with wedges cut out that rotate disks in the lock when inserted and turned. These keys are also slightly more difficult to replicate and present a great option for budget security over traditional keys.

    Dimple Keys

    Dimple keys are surprisingly becoming more popular. The idea is a flat piece of metal with two layers of dimple impressions cut into them. They work the same way conventional keys but they usually have impressions on both the front and back so that it doesn’t matter which way it is inserted. These keys seem fancy but are generally considered easy to pick and very easy to take impressions of and duplicate.

    Magnetic Keys

    Magnetic keys are an interesting option that are also becoming more popular recently. Basically a specialized lock is equipped with pins that are specifically oriented to react to a certain magnetic pull. By using different magnetic polarities and strengths there are thousands of possible combinations and this cannot be picked by conventional methods. Magnetic keys are a great and secure option for those looking for an interesting alternative.