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    Handgun Security - Protect Your Gun, Protect Yourself, Protect Your Community

    A big part of being a responsible gun owner is keeping your weapons safe. Handguns, in particular, can be very deadly in the wrong hands. In this article, we’ll cover some tips for handgun security.

    Handgun security and gun safes

    First things first, you’ll want a gun safe for your handgun that balances your need for security, with a need to quickly retrieve the weapon in emergency situations. Biometric handgun vaults are great for this purpose. Storing a single handgun, you can just use your fingerprints to open the safe and have your gun in hand in matter of seconds. Of course, biometric isn’t for everyone. Combination, electronic, and key locks all work perfectly well also, even if they do take a few extra seconds to operate. Quick vaults are one option, however, if you have weapons other than handguns, you might consider a somewhat larger safe. An under-bed safe can store several handguns and rifles. A gun cabinet can hold a small arsenal. Depending on your needs, there are many different options available. If all you have is one or two handguns, your best bet maybe something like theTracker home security safe. It’s more secure than most gun vaults and has extra room.

    Storing weapons and ammunition

    Most homefirearm safety organizations advise that you keep your ammunition in a locked location separate from your weapons. This is not strictly required by law, though states like California do require that firearms be kept unloaded (another sensible precaution). Keeping ammo separate from firearms does pose a challenge in emergency situations, which is why some gun owners may be loath to do this, but it does make it much more difficult for a child or a criminal to get their hands on a loaded weapon. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision about whether to keep guns and ammo separate. Even if you decide to store your weapon with a few magazines, it’s best to keep the bulk of your ammo elsewhere. In a fire, the ammo in your safe may become overheated and spray powder everywhere, gunking up your weapons. This can happen even if the ammo is in a fire-safe if the fire is not extinguished quickly enough.

    Why does handgun security matter?

    First off - guns are expensive, and you don’t want them stolen. Second, stolen guns in the wrong hands can result in tragedy. The more salient reason for many gun owners is children. Children are curious, don’t display great judgment, and often know much more than you think they do. Even if a weapon is well hidden, a child may still find out. There are only so many hiding places in the average house, after all. A gun safe is a prudent precaution to ensure that the weapon you use to protect your family doesn’t imperil their safety. Looking for more tips on keeping your handguns safe? Looking for information about gun safe products? Contact Safe and Vault Store in Spokane at (800) 207-2259.