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    Hollon Black Hawk Series Gun Safes Video

    The Hollon Black Hawk Series Gun Safe offers strength in design and strength in quality that puts a stop to theft and fire. Designed with 10 gauge steel makes this safe 30% thicker steel than most competing brands in our industry. Plus an added steel plate on the interior of the door. Our door is an overall 5" thick barrier that withstands crowbar attacks and prybar attacks.

    Reinforced with multiple solid steel chrome plated 1-1/2" thick massive bolts that are thicker and longer than the industry standard for high-security gun safes. Our bolts are placed at a full circumference all the way around and on all sides of the door including doubling the top and bottom bolts thus insuring maximum defense and protection to keep your firearms safe from theft.

    The exterior hinge is a high-security vault hinge that is designed to outlast standard gun safe hinges by decades. Our vault hinge also allows complete coverage of the interior hinge where others that use the interior hinge don't bother to put insulation. Our hinge also allows you to open the door a full 180 degrees and even remove the door if needed. Our Black Hawk Series now has an increased fire rating of 75 minutes at 1400 degrees F. We use multiple layers of fireboard that are sealed, caulked and filled with fire resistant caulking.

    Plus our intumescent door seal that expands to 8 times it's original size to seal the door when exposed to heat and return keeping out smoke, fire, and water. We use only the Sargent & Greenleaf, military-grade, EMP rated electronic lock which is also a UL listed Type 1 designed to withstand 1000 newtons of bolt end pressure to resist side punch attacks. Nighttime red light that illuminates the keypad for easy access even in a totally dark room. We also use a drill and ballistic resistant hard plate to protect the interior of the lock pack.

    The only practical way through it is by melting. But even if a thief was to get through that layer, we have a dual relocking system that works even if there is no lock left on the safe, ensuring maximum protection. Our luxury features include 5 spoke black chrome handle and trim. Plush cushioned interior wrapped on all sides including our special durable pillow trim. Designed to coddle your guns and eliminate the possibility of scratches.

    We also include our motion-sensitive vista light. Interior LED lighting that is either battery operated or can plug into our UL listed fireproof outlet that includes multiple plug outlets plus USB ports to keep items charged up and ready for action. Also includes our heavy duty canvas door panel that is designed to help you get the most usage of space for a wide range of items. The multi-flex interior allows for different interior arrangements for maximum use of space. Each Black Hawk Gun Safe comes with 4 bolt down holes and hardware to fasten your safe to any foundation giving you strength in quality, strength in design. Black Hawk Gun Safe from Hollon Safe giving you only the best. If you have any questions regarding the Black Hawk Gun Safes, please give us a call today at 800-207-2259!