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    Hollon Gun Safe Security Rating Comparisons Video

    Do you know gun safe security? Let's take a couple minutes and allow me to educate you a little on the different types of gun safes and security levels. Then, let's start with a lineup of four types of safes. Starting with the high security TL-15, then a RSC or Residential Security Container, followed by a thinner steel RSC and then a 12 gauge gun safe.

    The first I want to introduce is the TL-15 category. The letters TL stand for tool. Have you ever been to a bank and seen that vault in the corner. That is an insurable UL rated vault and the TL-15 is also an insurable UL rated vault like that bank vault. This safe is designed and made with multiple layers of steel, hard plate and a high compression concrete barrier mixed with aluminum. When UL was testing it for endurance against an attack, they only made it 53% of the way through the door and 55% of the way through the side wall before they declared it an engineering success.

    Hollon Safe makes the only TL-15 gun safe in the world. And is designed for true gun collectors, as well as large amounts of cash, gold coins, or jewelry and people that just no longer want to pay for a safety deposit box at the bank. Or they need more space than what that safe deposit box offers. Normally your insurance company will require this type of safe if you purchase a rider policy to cover the contents. It is also 2 hour fire rated, dual glass secondary locking system and this unit bolts down to your foundation for maximum security. Lock choice is either a UL Group 1 electronic EMP military rated lock, or a Group 2M. The M stands for anti-manipulative dial from Sargent & Greenleaf.

    Next in line is the RSC safe series. RSC stands for Residential Security Container. UL requires that ALL RSC rated safes have a minimum of 12 gauge steel before they'll even test it. So you'll find that most of your big-name manufacturers make several RSC rated safes and all with different steel thickness. Our extra thick steel RSC gun safe we call the Republic Series. Steel thickness is a 3 gauge in the door. This is roughly 300% thicker steel than most of the leading brands. Also includes extra-long bolts and multiple pry-resistant features. The fire rating is a solid 90 minutes and the security is great for most residential and commercial environments.

    This model also bolts to the foundation with four bolt down holes. This is the first line of defense in safes that is just below the TL-15 rating. Some insurance rider policies may not accept this level of security because it does not have that TL-15 rating. Republic Gun Safe can come with a Group 1 EMP rated electronic lock or a standard Group II dial from Sargent & Greenleaf.

    Third, in our series is the 10 gauge steel gun safe we call the Black Hawk Series. 10 Gauge is about 30% thicker steel than the average gun safe that's on the market today. Fire rating is 75 minutes. Bolts are still 1-1/2" thick and offers pry-resistant features. Comes standard with a Group 1 military-grade EMP electronic lock from Sargent & Greenleaf. Also, bolt securely to the foundation with the four-bolt down holes.            

    The last on our list is the 12 gauge Hunter Series gun safe. Anything below 12 gauge is not considered a security rated safe by UL standards. Comes with 45 minutes of fire protection plus high security rated bolts at 1-1/4" thickness. Four bolt down holes to secure it to any foundation. Also standard on our Hunter Series is the UL Listed military grade EMP lock from Sargent & Greenleaf. Please note that this is the exact same electronic lock that we install on the TL-15 rated  gun safe. Because at Hollon Safe, we use only the best. If you have any questions regarding Hollon Gun Safes, please give us a call today at 800-207-2259!