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    How Can I Find The Right Handgun Rack For My Safe?

    How Can I Find The Right Handgun Rack For My Safe?


    Whether you're using floor safes or wall safes, safe accessories can help you store your valuables more efficiently. This is especially true when it comes to handguns. Handguns and holsters can take up room if you're not using the space in your safe wisely. Fortunately, the right kind of safe accessories can help to free up more room in your gun safe to fit your needs. Here's how you can choose the right handgun rack for your safe:

    Look for a rack that makes the most out of the space you have.

    Think of your gun safe like a kitchen cabinet. You only have so much room and the things you need to stack inside it are fragile. Look for a gun rack that lets you use as much space in your safe as possible. That includes dead space, the area between the top of your safe and the first shelf if you have one. Some gun racks are able to hang securely from the top of the safe so you can make the most out of every nook your safe offers.

    Choose a rack that protects, not just stores, your handguns.

    You can easily find a handgun rack that can hold your firearms. But you want to be on the lookout for the types of racks that will protect your handguns' barrels. Your handguns are like fine-tipped pens; you can't just throw them in a drawer. Approximately 2 million home burglaries happen every year. Your firearms need to be stored properly to ensure they're ready in an emergency situation.

    Look for gun racks capable of stacking.

    Depending on how many handguns you have, you may not need a stackable gun rack. You may do just fine with a rack that lets you place your handguns side-by-side, barrel-up. But for those gun owners who have more than four or five handguns, or for those who plan to collect more, it may be better to get a stackable gun rack. Stackable gun racks let you store more of your firearms in the same space without having to worry about crowding or having to get an extra safe. Safe and Vault Store has what you need whether you're on the hunt for fireproof floor safes, business safes, or safe accessories. To learn more about our safes and accessories for your safe, contact Safe and Vault Store today.