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How to hide a wall safe: Top 5 ways

We’ve all seen the “wall safe hidden behind the tiny painting” trope  in movies (assuming you watch as many spy thrillers from the 1960s as we do). But how do people actually keep their wall safes concealed? Surprisingly, the painting example isn’t as strange as you might think. In this article we’ll cover the top 5 ways people hide their wall safes.

5 ways to hide a wall safe

  • Behind Furniture: One of the most popular solutions for a wall safe is to hide it behind a heavy piece of furniture, such as a piano or a couch - anything that a lone burglar would have a difficult time moving. The only drawback to this hiding spot is that furniture is also difficult for you to move. If, for some reason, you must frequently access your safe, this may not be the hiding spot for you.
  • In a secondary bedroom: This is the last place a burglar will think to look. Typically wall safes are located in a master bedroom closet. Because a burglar is in a fight against time from the moment they enter your house, they probably won’t check every single room thoroughly. Chances are they’ll make their escape before they look in another bedroom. However, if this is a child’s bedroom there’s also the problem that you would then be putting the child in danger, so we’d think twice about this one. There are plenty of other options.
  • Behind an electrical outlet: One crafty way to hide a safe is by hiding it behind a fake electrical outlet. Cheap kits to make this possible are fairly easy to find. This concealment can be pretty obvious if your safe is out in the open, but if you hide it behind a piece of furniture or in a place that is inconvenient to get to, this wall safe can be very tough to spot.
  • Behind bookcases: This one can take some ingenuity, but if you’re willing to expend some time and energy, this is an effective (not to mentionawesome) way to protect your valuables. Glue a row of old books together and hollow out the pages, creating a space large enough to accommodate the protrusion of the wall safe.
  • Yes, behind paintings:People do this! And it’s quite effective. If you were a burglar, would you trouble to pry every painting off the wall of a home on the off chance that one hides a wall safe? Probably not. That would be a waste of time. This is also a fairly convenient method of storage. You’ll be able to access your safe very easily - more easily than if you hide it in a cramped closet behind clothes hangers - but intruders will have trouble.
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