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    How to Choose the Right Vault Door

    How to Choose the Right Vault Door

    Home security and providing a deeper level of protection is on the top of the list of projects for many homeowners. Have you considered transforming an extra room in the home or basement into a panic room or a large walk-in safe room to protect your family and valuables? If so, it is essential that you choose the right vault door. Doing so will add another layer of protection and contribute to your peace of mind.     

    Why choose a vault door?  

    Are you an avid gun collector or just have personal items that are too priceless to replace? Then you may want to consider adding a vault door to any room within your home to transform the space into a safe room. This adds an extra layer of security no matter the size of the room. Also, this safe space can help to protect the handgun safes, jewelry safes, and any other safes you already have by storing them out of sight. 

    How to choose the right vault door

    You are going to have to make some choices. Vault doors come in various sizes, weights, burglar-ratings, and fire-ratings, locking mechanisms, prices, and more. 

    Think about what type of lock will work best for your situation—a dial combination lock or a digital electronic lock. You will also need to decide whether or not your space will allow for an in-swing door or an out-swing. An out-swing door's advantage is that it doesn't take up as much space for a small vault room. However, an in-swing door allows you to enter the room quickly and easily. In addition, if you use the room as a panic room during a home intrusion or as a storm shelter, you can still open the door if it gets blocked from the outside (e.g., falling debris during a storm).   

    Remember, due to the immense weight of vault doors, hiring a professional installer may be your best bet. Be sure to provide the installer with all door specifications and any construction recommendations from the manufacturer.   

    Check out some of our favorite brands

    How to Choose the Right Vault Door


    An excellent option for an in-swing 32" door is the SnapSafe Vault Room Door. It features a 12-gauge door and door frame with nine 1" live locking bolts. Additionally, it comes with the SecuRam digital lock with a separate EMP-proof (electromagnetic pulses) mechanical key backup hidden behind the keypad. The kit includes steel trim to finish the exterior. This is a budget-friendly option that delivers in quality. 

    How to Choose the Right Vault Door


    Looking for a burglar and fire-resistant vault door that you can choose to blend in with your home décor without compromising craftsmanship and security? The AMSEC VD8030BF Burglar & Fire Resistant Vault Door is the perfect solution. Choose from four color options for the door, select your hardware color, choose a lock type, and a door swing option. This is a truly customizable vault door to meet all your exact needs. Affordably priced and a B-Rate burglar rating—this door is sure to exceed your expectations.   

    Make your home as secure as possible to protect everything of value in your life. Selecting the ideal vault door for your residential or commercial needs can be confusing, but you don't have to make the decisions alone.  

    Please give one of our vault door professionals a call at 800-207-2259 today!  Let us know your concerns; we can help you select the right door to meet your needs and budget. We are here to help!     


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