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    Installing a deadbolt lock can make your home more secure

    If you don’t already have a deadbolt lock on your front door, it’s a good idea to install one. A deadbolt is a lock that is moved by turning a knob without the use of a spring; it can only be opened by the use of a knob or a key. It’s not necessary to call a locksmith to have a deadbolt installed. You don’t even need carpentry skills. This is a project that can be taken on as a DIY with the right knowledge and tools.  

    FBI statistics show that roughly 60% of break-ins are forced entry. A deadbolt lock is a great way to reduce the chances of your home becoming a target to criminals, as it is the best protection against a forceful attack with a tool such as a crowbar. If you’re thinking about installing a deadbolt lock, here are 10 simple steps to accomplish the project on your own.

    How to install a deadbolt lock

    1. Gather the proper tools needed to install the lock. You will need a drill, a tape measure, 4-in-1 screw driver, combination square, drill bit set, hole saw kit, utility knife, wood chisel, hearing protection, and safety glasses.  
    2. You’ll want to inspect your dead bolt lock kit to ensure that all the hardware is included. A manufacturer’s itemized list should be included in the packaging of the deadbolt kit.  
    3. Locate the proper area to install the deadbolt lock and use the manufacturer’s template to mark the points for drilling.  
    4. Cut a hole using reference points you marked with the manufacturer's template and the hole saw kit.
    5. Drill a hole through the edge of the door with the proper size spade bit; again, using the reference point you made with the manufacturer's template.  
    6. Using the wood chisel, mortise out an area around the hole you drilled on the edge of the door, so that the face plate will sit flush after it's installed.
    7. Secure the bolt to the door. Drill pilot holes and screw in the screws provided in the dead bolt kit.
    8. Install the cylinder and thumb lever per the manufacturer's instructions. It's important to have the bolt flush with the edge of the door and the thumb lever in the open position while installing to avoid complications.
    9. Next, find and mark the reference point where the dead bolt lock will be entering the door frame. It may be useful to use a felt tip pen to mark the edge of the dead bolt lock that will be protruding into the door frame so that it will give you an imprinted reference point. This is important for proper alignment.
    10. Drill holes and secure the strike plate.  

    Types of deadbolts and the brands we recommend As previously stated, a deadbolt lock can help prevent a forced entry burglary into your home. When deciding which lock will best suit your needs, you will need to consider three options. Single cylinder locks use a key to open from the outside, but lock and unlock on the inside with a twist knob. Double cylinder locks require keys to open the lock from both the outside and inside. Keyless entry locks can be opened with a fingerprint scan or a password and are most easily operated.

    At the Safe and Vault Store we only recommend the highest quality brands, such as Arrow, Schlage, and Weiser. TheArrow E61-CS 26D 395 141 KA4 is a single cylinder deadbolt with a tamper-proof rotating collar and a hardened steel pin insert. It is made of solid steel and two-piece housing with a free spinning outer ring. TheWeiser GD9371 26D WS B SLS2 is a double cylinder light duty deadbolt lock that is perfect for residential and small commercial use. This lock requires the use of a key for entering or leaving. TheSchlage B562P 619 C is a commercial grade double cylinder deadbolt lock. This lock comes in a satin nickel finish as well as four other finishes. The bolt is 10 percent larger than typical bolts and has an anti-pry shield behind the latch, giving this deadbolt added security.

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