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    It's time to Reassess your Safe Needs

    As we did last year, because it's 2013 officially (how did that happen!), it's a great time to reassess your security needs! To help you out, I thought I’d throw together a brief overview of our very comprehensive website! Biometric Safes: biometric safes are controlled by your own unique biometric features, such as your fingerprints, voice pitch, or iris. These safes are great for keeping items that you need to access frequently in your home or office. Burglar Fire Safes: There are fire safes and there are burglar safes and then there are burglar fire safes. The best of both worlds, these safes are not only fire resistant (make sure to check the fire rating before purchase) but are also make to the specifications required of burglar safes. Cash Boxes: Do you work in a high cash business such as a retail shop or restaurant? Well…cash boxes and Cash Dispensing Safes are essential items for your business. There is no reason to keep yourself vulnerable to theft if there are such simple and easy solutions. Custom Safes: Not only do we sell the very best safes available anywhere, but we are safe professionals through and through. Contact us to ask about custom safes if your needs exceed what is available online. We can build safes to just about any specifications that you can think up – and we’ll even help organize delivery and installation! Data Media Safes: As our business and home habits change, so do our safe needs. Today more and more sensitive material is being held and stored digitally. Is your digital data secured properly? Did you know that CDs and other data devices cannot be stored in a normal fire safe? Fireproof Safes: Did you know that most burglar safes are NOT fireproof? Fireproof safes are great for safeguarding home deeds, marriage certificates, birth certificates and other precious mementos. Make sure to check the fire-rating on any safe you consider. Ratings range from 1-4 hours generally. Laptop Safes: life in college can be tons of fun until something gets stolen. Advise your college-bound kids to invest in a laptop safe to make sure to minimize the potential for dorm theft.