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    Why You Need a Dehumidifier For Your Gun Safe

    You may or may not believe it, but gun safes are not as impenetrable as they may seem. Yes, they may stop robbers from getting to your weapons or important documents. They may stop fires right in their tracks. They might even be able to keep moths from eating everything. But there is one type of invader which they cannot stop: an extremely small one which can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces.  

    The Invisible Enemy

    We are talking about humidity. Humidity is something that any gun owner knows they have to control or it will cause some irreparable damage to your guns. Yet in certain environments, especially cold ones, moisture can build up inside the steel box from the reaction of cold air against cold steel. This will result in some serious rust damage which will practically destroy your gun’s value and force you to get costly repairs.

    The Answer to the Problem

    Now, gun safes are naturally built for just one thing: protection. That’s what they are for, after all. But they are also designed to be particularly versatile in order to make them suitable for a wide variety of different weapons. Expansions can increase their storage capacity, as well. But there is one other item you definitely need to consider getting for your safe: a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers have been used for years as a means to keep (as the name suggests) humidity from being an oppressive force in some areas. They come in all shapes and sizes to support closets, chests, and even whole rooms. This means that they also make dehumidifiers for gun safes, as well. These handy tools can prevent moisture from building up around your weapons, causing them to rust.

    Different Styles of Dehumidifiers Desiccants.

    There are two different types of dehumidifiers for gun safes. The more popular variety is called a desiccant, which is placed inside the safe and collects moisture. Some types usually come cheaper, but do not last as long, so they have to be replaced periodically. Others will last you a lifetime. Every year or so, these types of desiccant boxes need to be placed in an oven to “dry” them out. They can be put back in the safe and used for as long as you have the safe.

    Electric Rod. 

    Then you have the rod dehumidifier, which is electric-run and lasts for much longer. Contrary to the desiccant, the rod actually collects humidity and dispels it out of the safe. That makes this type more effective as well. Though a bit more expensive, they are well worth the money. Both rod dehumidifiers and desiccants are available hereat SafeAndVaultStore.com, where we want to give you the best deals on all the things you need for proper gun safety and maintenance.

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