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New Homeowner? Here's What You Need Once You Move In

Posted by Andy Jennings on

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It can be an intimidating (but incredible) experience to finally own your first house. But once you close on your mortgage and move in, there are a few things you'll need to get that you may not have considered when you lived in an apartment.

Here are a few things you'll need as a new homeowner to help you settle into your first house.

First Thing's First: Security

You no longer live in an apartment building, which means you can't rely on a doorman or security camera in the lobby to protect your valuables. As a homeowner, there are three essential things you need in your home to keep burglars out: locks, safes, and a security system.

Your first step ought to be to change your door locks. This ensures no one but you has access to your home.

Once your locks are secure, set up a security system. Homeowners insurance can reimburse you for stolen items, but you want to have a second line of defense in case burglars get passed your locks.

Finally, consider getting a safe for your valuables and electronics. Approximately 90% of burglaries are never solved, which means you need to keep your valuables safe using floor safes or wall safes.

Do You Have Maintenance Tools Yet?

You may have remembered to set up Internet and utilities, which isn't so different from when you were a renter. But now that you own your own property, you're also responsible for maintaining your property.

That means being prepared for chores like mowing the lawn and problems like broken pipes. That said, consider getting your hands on the following maintenance tools once you move into your new home:

    • Lawnmower

    • Ladder

    • Garden tools and supplies

    • Toolbox tools (hammer, wrench, screws, measuring tape, etc.)

    • Shovels or snowblowers (if it snows where you live)

You may not think you'll need to do regular maintenance around your home, but that's because your property manager used to do the work for you when you were a renter. Now that you're a homeowner, it's all your responsibility. But that's not a bad thing as long as you know what you're doing and you know how to keep your property safe.

Floor safes can help to keep your laptop and other electronics safe in case of a burglary. To learn more about fireproof floor safes, laptop safes, and safe accessories to keep your valuables safe, contact Safe and Vault Store today.

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