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    Overview - Gardall G700-G-C In-Floor Safe


    Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here, Dye Hawley, manager of Safe & Vault I am here today to talk about the Gardall G700-G-C In-Floor Safe. This is a very economical In-Floor Safe made by Gardall here in America.  It has measurements of 15.5" high and it's a perfect 8" square. The Gardall G700-G-C has a 1/2" steel door as you can see here. It also has on the hinge side, a heavy 1/4" piece of angle iron that will actually link it here so that nobody can pry this door open. The lock is a Sargent & Greenleaf Group 2 certified by UL Laboratories lock. It has a relocker inside of the lock. What does that mean? That means that if anybody is prying or hitting on this lock, the relocker will actually fire and prevent the bolt from opening, making it even more difficult to break into this safe. The standard feature on all floor safes is a dust cover.

    So the G700-G-C has a dust cover that you can place over the top of the door with the lock to hide it underneath carpeting or some other way of making sure that nobody finds this floor safe. It also servers as a cover so that if someone is walking in an area where this is at, that they won't stumble on this. Another nice feature of this safe is that Gardall gives it several extra coatings of paint - anti-rust paint - to keep it from rusting while it is in the ground. So if you are looking for a very affordable in-ground safe, made in the USA, with a high-quality Sargent and Greenleaf dial combination lock, look no further than the Gardall G700-G-C.

    Thanks for listening, this is Dye Hawley manager of Safe & Vault Give us a call if you have any other questions at 800-207-2259

    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs, a home safety and security expert with over 15 years of experience is the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager of the Safe and Vault Store. He thoroughly understands the art of building brand awareness and skillful product marketing using the power of social media, crafting informative and engaging blogs, producing podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. Driven by the desire to provide the ultimate user experience, he has helped to build into a top-selling, nationally recognized e-commerce site. He is tireless in his pursuit of creatively expanding content, educating about home and business safes and vaults, and taking the website to the next level. Dominic is proud to live, work, and call Spokane, WA home.


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