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    Perks of an Intercom

    Intercom systems are quickly becoming popular in modern homes as they can offer a high degree of both additional security as well as comfort. There’s both a practical and safe side to them as well as useful everyday applications not involving security. You can check who’s at the front door from your bedroom as well as call your kids to dinner without having to yell. Here we’ll look at what makes a good intercom system and why it might be a nice addition to your home.

    What to Look For?

    There are a few options available when looking for an intercom system. Wired or wireless? Audio, video, or both? Full house or just the front door? One way video or two? In general the best of the best will be a wired full home 2 way audio video intercom system but this is going to also be the most expensive for obvious reasons. For home security the simplest but best option is going to be a one way audio video system to your front door. For quality of life a 2 way full home audio only system will likely suffice. Buy for your needs and budget and there’s likely to be something available that will fit.

    Home Automation

    Home automation is quickly becoming a popular home perk and intercoms are just the icing on the cake. There’s a lot you can do with an intercom system when combined with the modern technology of today. It’s now possible to monitor your video intercom system from your smartphone. You can let a neighbor in the house and verify that it’s really them beforehand with video all from your smartphone. There’s a whole host of unique options that tie nicely into your automated home security system with an intercom.

    Quality of Life

    Additionally, as an added perk having your home wired up with intercoms can make your life just a little bit easier. Need to talk to your husband in the garage or your kids in the basement? Just ring them up. While this isn’t exactly a life-changing solution you’d be surprised how nice and easy it is once you start using it. Home intercom systems can also be great for monitoring sick or elderly guests or family. Security Intercom systems have surpassed their predecessors of the past and now will usually include video as well. This is a nice and convenient replacement for the sometimes foggy and unreliable peepholes we’ve grown accustomed to. You don’t have to open your door or even leave your bedroom to verify who is at the front door. This is a nice perk for the security of your home and also makes life easier for you.