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    Portable Safes

    Portable safesare a unique invention that has really changed the way travelers, and tourists keep their belongings. With the world being more connected than ever, you can hardly expect a poor student backpacker to leave home for months of grand adventure without a phone, an ipod, an ipad, a computer, a camera, and who knows what else. Gone are the days of calling from payphones and scrounging around for an internet café. Nearly every hostel in the world has free wifi!! One of the best safety (and safe-related) updates with this new generation of travelers is the emergency of the portable safe.

    Students on a gap year are still staying in dingy hostels, sharing bathrooms, living in dorm rooms for months at a time. What are they supposed to do with their valuables? Get a portable safe! A portable safe is essentially a pouch made of tough canvas and anti-rip fabric with a wire cord running through it. It allows the transient traveler to bring along all his or her valuables and a safe to store them in. Simply attach the wire cord to something fixed like a bedframe that’s been properly secured to the floor or a sink’s hardware—something that someone scrounging around for something to steal won’t be able to take with him or her.

    Once attached this portable safe will safely store your valuables for you. A portable safes weighs almost nothing and is easy to cram into your backpack for the next hostel you show up at!