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    Ready for a burglary? Why not just leave your door open?

    While we cannot totally prevent someone from breaking into a home or business, there are some precautions that can be taken to better protect oneself against a loss. Many will say that insurance companies will pay to cover these losses and that it isn't something to worry about. Use your insurance too many times though, and your insurance premium will either be sky-high, or the insurance company will politely tell you to go somewhere else. Maybe you've been to the doctor's office lately for a checkup. The kind doctor who is there to ensure that you are on a path of good healthy living tells you that you need to diet or exercise more. Some folks may heed the wise doctor's advice, but others may not follow through at all, or not until something drastic happens.

    I've been through a burglary myself where they used my bedspread as a big knapsack to gather all the goods, and I've seen a neighbor's home engulfed by fire. A composite safe (burglar and fire rated) in both situations would have saved a lot of heartaches, and I'm more prepared now because of what I've learned. Taking a preventive approach to a lot of things in life makes sense, but it requires being proactive. It requires being humble enough to recognize that we're not infallible and that bad things can happen to anyone. For others, however, being reactive means the dirty deed has already been done, and if they're smart, they will have learned from their mistake(s). There is yet another type of person that is neither proactive nor reactive. They simply choose to do nothing.

    This is the person that burglars hope to encounter; the person who ignores common safety and security practices. It is not just burglars that can steal. Fire is the thief that is not discretionary because it takes everything. We are in the business to recommend solutions for security and fire protection needs. We are the "doctor's of security" and our aim is to offer our customers peace of mind through proactive use of safety and security products. No matter what advice we give you, it still comes down to three choices: Will you be proactive, reactive, or simply do nothing at all?