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    Pros and Cons of a Modular Safe

    For many, the process of buying a home or commercial safe becomes a unique balancing act between a manageable size and weight and ample security features. Unfortunately, safes are not getting significantly lighter with technology and usually higher security means greater mass. There simply is not a great alternative for a thick door and heavy materials at this time. However, there is one unique solution that doesn’t necessarily have to compromise the security features of the safe. Modular safes have the unique capability to be assembled and disassembled with ease to promote easier transportation and installation. If you have been wary to buy a new safe because of the hassle of transportation and installation or you are regularly moving locales now is the time to learn more about modular safes.

    Portability The pros of a modular safe are fairly simple. The basic idea is that you can buy a larger safe without having to worry about hiring a team of men to move it. Alternatively you can buy a smaller modular safe and have a quasi-mobile security investment if you think that you will be changing homes or apartments regularly. While the weight of the safe is going to be the same as a regular safe you will be able to disassemble the modular safe and transport it in pieces. This means, for one, that you don’t have to worry about having to fit a giant safe through doors. Additionally, stairs are going to be much more manageable and safer when transporting a modular safe. No more hiring piano movers to bring it through a window. Each piece by itself should be manageable with a couple of people and the right equipment. Assembly Assembly of a modular safe is a simple process that typically should not require special assistance. Typically there are no specialty tools required to assemble a modular safe. Modular safes will arrive in a package with the basic wall panels and an assortment of peripherals such as shelves. Modular safes are designed to be easily assemblable and shouldn’t pose any issues for even the technically challenged. Security One of the common concerns for people interested in modular safes is if the security details are compromised in the process of making an assemblable modular safe. This isn’t the case fortunately. High quality modular safes have passed all of the same Underwriter’s Laboratory qualifications that regular safes go through. Additionally, modular safes can be crafted to withstand intense fire exposure. Some companies even claim that ‘latch wall assembly’ available in some modular safes is more secure than a typical welding assembly. So, to put your fears to rest, modular safes can be every bit as secure as normal safes and a great option to consider if you want something more transportable.