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    Protect and safeguard your assets by choosing the best gun safe

    Keeping your guns safe and secure when not in use is an absolute must. This is especially true in these uncertain times for several reasons. It is obviously important to store guns in a secure place, so that they won’t end up in the wrong hands. This includes children and other people who are in your home. In one study it was shown that 85% of parents who owned guns did not store them safely. Every year there are reports of tragic accidents due to children getting a hold of a gun in the home. Even in homes without children, it is a good idea to store firearms in a gun safe. In the unfortunate event that a house is broken into, a gun safe will provide protection from damage or theft. Property crime continues to be an ongoing concern. Although FBI preliminary crime statistics show a decrease in overall burglary and larceny-theft offenses, the West showed an increase of 2.4 percent in property crime.

    Violent crime and arson are also areas of concern. In cities with a population of 250,000 to 499,000 violent crime was up 5.3 percent. Arson offenses were up by 11.9 percent in cities with a population over 500,000. You can take steps to ensure your house is secure with locks, floodlights, and an alarm system. However, in the event of a break-in, the best protection is a gun safe that is securely bolted down. A fire rated gun safe is something to consider to protect guns and other valuables from a fire.. Statistics show that there is a greater chance of a fire in the home than burglary. The fire rating will tell you how many minutes the safe protects against a specific outside temperature. For example, 60 minutes at up to 1200 degrees F. Also, there is a possibility of bullets going off in high temperatures, which is another reason to have firearms secured in a fire-resistant container.

    Finding the right gun safe for your needs

    Gun safes can be bought to fit the specific needs for your gun collection. They come in a variety of sizes and there are several options to choose from. At Safe & Vault store, we offer thebest brands on the market including AMSEC, Browning and Fort Knox. Many of these companies manufacture their safes here in the USA. They offer gun safes with the highest quality construction and the latest technology, such asbiometric gun safes. This lock, using a fingerprint, is the fastest and easiest to open. Other lock options include the dial combination or a digital electronic lock.  

    TheSafeandVaultStore GS592820 Second Amendment Gun Safe is a great starter safe for storing and protecting long guns, rifles, and pistols. This safe is constructed of 12-gauge steel, has a ¼” steel door, and can hold up to 24 long guns. It is attractive as well as sturdy. The black powder coat paint finish is scratch-resistant and will blend in well in almost any room. The interior is upholstered in plush gray carpeting, covering the walls and shelves. This safe also has a certified fire rating of one hour up to 1700 degrees F. Additional security features on this safe are six active live locking bolts with four deadbolts that prevent the door from being removed in the event of the hinges being cut off. Also, the four anchor holes and bolts allow for bolting the safe to either concrete or wood floors. 

    If you are looking for a long gun safe that offers a variety of exterior color options, theBrowning SR26 Silver Series Gun Safe is a great choice.There are also three different hardware and trim options and fourteen graphic options. This safe is ideal for hunters, with the most innovative system for racking guns. It can fit seven long guns in the door and has convertible shelving. This safe offers the highest standard of fire protection at 1,680 degrees F for up to 100 minutes. Handgun and pistol safes are smaller, portable safes that are perfect for one or two handguns and can fit in a nightstand, under a vehicle seat, or in a suitcase. These safes are also perfect for storing valuables such as passports, jewelry, and cash. Ranging in weight from under 10 lbs. to up to 55 lbs., these safes are moveable, but can also be bolted down.

    Another great safe for larger firearms is theAMSEC BF6030-LTN-F-BK-A Gun & Rifle Safe. This safe is constructed of 11-gauge exterior steel and 16-gauge interior steel, with 2 inches of concrete composite material injected in between. This not only makes it extremely sturdy for deterring burglar attacks but gives it a two-hour fire rating at 1200 degrees F. The door is a made with a solid ½” steel plate. It comes standard with a dial combination lock and a decorative five-spoke handle. The universal shelves are versatile and can be moved around to accommodate your specific needs. This safe is in stock and can ship out in 24 hours.

    Under Bed gun safes are slightly larger but slim enough to fit under a bed or in the back of an SUV. They are designed to be easily accessible, stored within arm’s reach. The safe can be bolted underneath a bed so that you can have fast access in case of an emergency. TheAMSEC DV652 Defense Vault Under the Bed Gun Safe is 6 inches high and 52 inches wide. It has a unique 5-point sliding locking bar and a foam-padded slide-out gun tray. This safe features AMSEC’s new ESL5 electronic lock with an illuminated keypad, making it easier to enter your code in the dark.

    If you have any questions regarding ordering a gun safe, just give us a call today at 800-207-2259!  You can also chat with us live as well. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction. You can also view our full selection of gun safes.