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    Safe Model Overview AMSEC CSC1413

    The American Security CSC1413 is a top of the line burglar and fire safe. This hybrid safe, to put it simply, is about as heavy duty as they come. While small in size it packs quite a punch when it comes to security features, fire resistance, and build quality. This AMSEC model boasts a 2 hour fire rating (for 350F) and an RSC (residential security container) burglary rating among a myriad of other features. Here we’ll look at some of the finer details of this safe and see just exactly what it has to offer.

    • Outside: 19.50” H x 18.00” W x 19.90” D
    • Inside: 14.00” H x 12.50” W x 12.20” D
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 1.24
    • Weight: 256 Pounds
    Body: If you’ll take a look at the dimensions and compare the outside and inside dimensions you’ll notice just exactly how thick this safe is. The door is constructed with an overall thickness of 4-?” with 2” of outer and inner steel plates to deter burglary. The body of the AMSEC CSC1413 is made from a high density composite fire resistant material and measures 2-?” in protective thickness. So, while this safe is small it is about as tough as they get. The only downside here is that the CSC1413 weighs in just slightly over 250 pounds for its small size. Fire Resistance: The CSC1413 has a 2 hour fire rating that can guarantee an internal temperature of 350F or less with external temperatures up to 1700F (an average house fire is around 1000F). Additionally, and quite a nice touch, is the intumescent seal on the door that will expand if there is a fire to further protect the interior of the safe from heat and potential fire damage. Locking and Security: Besides the overall quality build and thick walls there are some nice additional security perks and options for customization for the CSC1413. This safe comes standard with a combination lock with a chrome plated spy-proof dial which can also be easily exchanged for a digital lock. Additionally, this safe has a tempered glass relocking mechanism to prevent weak point drilling burglary attempts. The CSC1413 comes ready with an anchor hole and mounting equipment to prevent it being lifted out easily and reinforced heavy duty hinges to protect against forced entry. All in all this safe has its bases covered when it comes to both security and fire protection. Although it’s a small safe it’s the real deal and an outstanding example of quality safe construction by AMSEC.