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    Stopbox Portable Instant-Access Pistol Box Overview

    The Stop Boxis an instant access handgun retention device that does not use batteries, electronics, or external keys. Our all mechanical design allows instant reliable access to your firearm when you need it the most, and is proudly made in America. Our unique patent-pending design is much like an inverted tumbler lock. Tumbler locks use a key to position tumblers to their proper alignment, allowing the barrel to rotate and unlock. The Stop Box uses five actuators located on the corner of the enclosure for fast and easy indexing.

    Your hand creates the key that positions these actuators in the correct alignment to unlock the double-locked enclosure. Any other combination will keep the Stop Box securely locked. The Stop Box contains a feature that prevents the lock from unlocking unless the lid is pressed down. This is an added security feature to prevent tampering. The Stop Box is made out of a polycarbonate and AVS blend, this allows it to be extremely lightweight and durable at only 28 ounces. The thick soft foam interior ensures that no matter your gun size it'll be held snug in place to prevent your gun from moving while handling the Stop Box.