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    Let’s be honest here. Everybody wants a vault. Owning a custom home vault is the dream of pretty much everybody interested in home security and safes and for good reason. When it comes to space and security there’s nothing that can beat a well-built vault.  
    As any history buff of the mid-1800s and the turn of the century knows, safes have played an important role in the development of business, commerce, and outlaw gangs in the United States. 
    Biometric technology and fingerprint recognition locks have grown in popularity in recent years due to September 11th. Because of the increased security concerns, the United States government has become a strong advocate of this technology for the future. Biometrics is the study of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon physical or behavioral traits. There are many ways it is used for including face, fingerprint, hand and iris recognition. Since this technology is still relativity new, it has problems that all new technologies share.
    Are Burglary Fire Safes Better Than Burglary Safes? This question is very hard to answer at first glance. The only way this question can be properly answered is by greatly examining both safes.
    You’ve probably noticed that our website and our company is called Safe and Vault Store, right? Well, we’ve been getting a few questions lately about what exactly the difference between a safe and a vault is. Most of us use these words interchangeably but there are some key differences to be aware of when using these terms.  

    Storing your firearms in a safe is both a matter of safety as well as security so it is important to stay on point, be informed, and adhere to the proper guidelines. 

    Do you own or work in a high cash business like a restaurant? Gas station? Retail shop? These sort of businesses involve several safety risks as employees are asked to handle large amounts of cash on a daily basis. 
    Folks have always said that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. This is especially the case with gun safes. People all over the country believe that the biggest safes are the best safes. But what most people don’t recognize is that this not necessarily the case. Big safes are not only more expensive but could also present a special challenge that may or may not result in numerous difficulties. Before you start shopping around for the biggest gun safe, you first need to ask yourself why this kind of purchase is necessary. To answer this, you need to answer several types of questions.  
    How to break open a safe is usually a question only thieves and locksmiths think about. Anyone looking at purchasing a safe should be thinking about this question too. No, you won't be breaking into a safe, but you want to keep the burglars from breaking into yours. With just a little knowledge, you can protect yourself and your belongings from even the most sophisticated burglar. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a safe.
    Should it be theft-proof? Fire-resistant? How large should it be? Almost any type of safe can protect your important documents and other valuable items from most threats, but there are real differences between different types of safes when it comes to security. 
    With laptop computers and smart cell phones being more commonplace in society, an emphasis needs to be placed on security in order to protect the most valuable and personal information stored within these devices.  
    There are some possessions that are irreplaceable, for that reason we take every precaution to protect these items. To that end many have found it beneficial to purchase a burglar fire safe to preserve their valuables.  
    n the world of safety and security in this modern age regular keys are often forgotten in the clamor over the digital alternatives. While most people think that a key lock is one of the weaker locking options this may not be the case anymore with recent advancements in the security of keys. 
    Deposit safes are an important tool in protecting your cash from thieves and even from employees thinking about stealing money from your company. It can be hard to decide which one is right for you because they come in different sizes, have different types of money drops, and have several lock options to choose from. Depository safes are used for "short term" storage of cash until a bank deposit can be made because these safes provide minimal burglary resistance. They have access portals (holes) in them to deposit money and other items of value.
    The Sun Welding H48 Home Gun Safe is a uniquely inexpensive full-size fire-rated rifle safe. Despite its low price at a bit over $900, this safe makes no concessions to build quality or materials and even comes with a full lifetime warranty. 
    A news article from the University of Florida shows that employee theft tops the list of what businesses call "inventory shrinkage." Employee theft beat out shoplifting as the primary reason for business inventory losses. It goes on to state that businesses lose nearly $26 billion each year due to inventory shrinkage.
    Here we’ll look at some great ways to choose online passwords as well as some notable tips for keeping your personal information secure on the internet.  
    Some hotels and resorts don’t offer safe deposit boxes behind the front desk anymore because they have in-room safes for their guests. But some guests prefer to store their valuables, such as jewelry, wallets, or passports in a deposit box that is in a secure area. 
    Glass plate relockers represent the pinnacle of safe security and a great option to protect your valuables from unwanted intruders. 


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