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Boondocking and Van life is commonly associated with grand picture-perfect travel destinations and glamorous selfies on social media, but the reality of this lifestyle is often far different than it is portrayed.
Laptop safes and car safes are fast becoming a necessity in the fight to protect against identity theft. Recent studies show that even though consumers are becoming more aware of how to protect themselves from online identity theft and fraud, offline theft is still the biggest source of data and personal information loss in America.
Hi, Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley here, Sales Manager for Safe & Vault Store to talk today about the SnapSafe model 75405 Trunk Safe. The SnapSafe 75405 is 42.00" wide left to right, it's 7" high top to bottom and it's 13" deep from the front to back. This safe here can be used under a bed or in a trunk of a car or in a SUV. It's great for storing your weapons or other valuables. You can also anchor it using the anchor holes that come with it in the bottom underneath here. They also provide a handy security cable in case you can't anchor it.


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