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    If you receive your safe and you notice a broken safe handle, don't panic. You don't have to send the safe back and you don't have to have someone come in your home or business to replace it. It's easy to replace yourself and we can show you how.
    • 5 min read

    Here is a tutorial on how to remove your safe door from Dye the Safe Guy. Hi, Dye, The Safe Guy here today to talk to you about how to remove a door from safe. Why would you want to do that? We have a lot of do it yourself customers, and generally speaking, on a safe that's up to 500 pounds, maybe a little more, six, seven, 800 pounds, if you're a person that has some friends with strong backs, you could probably do the delivery inside of your house, after the safe is delivered to the curbside.

    • 3 min read
    You should never rush into an important decision, so make sure you have answers to all of these factors before buying anything. We really suggest against the impulse buy for something that will protect your most precious possessions.
    • 2 min read
    So you’ve decided to buy an in-floor safe. Congratulations on your decision – we at think it is one of the smartest . decisions you’ll ever make towards protecting yourself and your valuables. 
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