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    Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here today to talk about wall safes. First we are going to talk about the types of locks and then we are going to talk about the different types of wall safes that are available on the market today. 
    In case our step-by-step guide didn’t help you decide to undertake your wall safe installation yourself, we’ve dug up this great video that will show you just how simple and easy the process is. 
    Everyone is security-conscious nowadays, and this includes keeping your valuables secure. You could rent a safe deposit box at your local bank, but that's expensive and inconvenient.  
    Thousands of robberies take place in the U.S. every year. Not only can robberies put your business at financial risk, but they can also make your employees easy working for your business in the future. Wall safes can protect your business from burglary, robbery, and internal theft. However, because there are so many different types of wall safes available it's important to take into consideration each of their unique capabilities. That being said, here are Safe and Vault Store's multiple business safes and what they offer.
    As any history buff of the mid-1800s and the turn of the century knows, safes have played an important role in the development of business, commerce, and outlaw gangs in the United States. 
    Here are a few tips for protecting your property that will keep your home, family, and items safe and secure. 
    Wall safes are a good investment for your business and even your home. There are many choices when it comes to wall safes. This article will cover some of your different options and the benefits behind each choice.
    Installing a home safe into your wall can be a fun home project that is manageable with a little bit of research and some do-it-yourself knowhow. Everyone secretly wants to have a sleek wall safe hidden behind a knock-off Van Gogh in their lounge or den and with this simple guide you can be on your way to a cool new approach to holding your valuables.   
    Hidden Wall Safes provide hidden protection while giving you easy access to your money, jewelry, and other valuables. This type of safe frees up floor space while the safe itself is concealed from view, giving you more piece of mind knowing that your safe is hidden from plain sight. 
    Ever wonder why more people choose the in wall safe more than any other type of vault at Safe and Vault Store? We have the answer for you! Take a peak at this video and understand how keypad and biometric wall vaults can help protect the valuables in your own easily! The best part? The wall safe can be installed by any DIYer in only 20 minutes! 


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