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    Tips for Transporting a Large Safe

    Though perhaps best left to professionals there are a number of effective ways to transport a large safe yourself or with a bit of help from some friends. Of course, this is no trivial matter and takes a bit of preparation and above all else a lot of safety precautions. Here we’ll look at some different methods for moving a large safe and some tips to keep in mind to do so safely.


    Firstly, it’s a good idea to empty the safe before moving it. Safely store any valuables elsewhere so that they won’t get banged around during the move or add extra unnecessary weight to the safe. Also worth noting is that if the door can be removed without too much difficulty you can significantly reduce the weight. Next, you’ll want to plan how you want to move your safe. There are a few different methods. You could go for the classic ancient Egyptian pipe rolling though a heavy duty dolly with secure straps is typically going to be a better option. Map out your route and take note of any obstacles, doorways, inclines, or potential hazards that you might face on your desired path. Next, you’ll need a few friends. Buy a pizza and maybe some beer for after the job is done and you’re ready to start. A good safety precaution is to make sure anybody helping is wearing appropriate clothes. This means no baggy clothes or loose jewelry and ideally shoes with a non-slip sole.


    When it comes to actually moving a large safe the method is fairly simple. You’ll begin by tilting up the safe and moving the dolly under it. Securely fasten the safe to the dolly as tight as possible. You really want to make sure there’s no wiggle room here. Using a ratchet strap is the best way to accomplish this. Ideally you want three people to safely tilt the safe back putting the weight on the wheels when moving it. Process with extreme caution slowly moving to your destination. This is where your planning will come in handy as you should have a plan for any corners or doorways that could potentially be problematic. Safety is most important here. If the task seems too large there’s no shame in hiring a professional to do it.