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    Top 5 Burglar Fire Safes for 2021

    Top 5 Burglar Fire Safes for 2021

    Do you have items at your home or business that you want to protect from fire and theft?

    In light of recent events such as FBI seizures of safe deposit boxes and missing boxes in an Oak Park, Illinois bank, many people have chosen to store money, gold, important paperwork, and other valuable items in safes at their home or business location. The use of safe deposit boxes are quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

    While it's statistically more likely that you will experience a damaging fire than theft by robbery, it's always best to be prepared equally for both of these unfortunate scenarios with a burglar fire safe (composite safe). And, you can rest assured, burglar fire safes undergo rigorous testing before earning a fire rating and U.L. burglar rating. These safes are engineered, designed, and tested to protect your valuables against both burglar attacks and fires.

    Pro tips:

    • Fire burglar home safes come with factory anchor holes and should be anchored to concrete or wood floors. 
    • Place items in a waterproof bag or even a ziplock baggy to protect them from water damage, which often occurs when fire sprinklers or first responders douse flames. 

    Top 5 Burglar Fire Safes for 2021

    Protect your cash, important documents, and other valuables from theft and fire by choosing the best burglar fire safe to meet your needs. Dye Hawley Sales Manager at talks about our 5 top selling burglar fire safes in the past 14+ years.



    # 1 Gardall 1812-2 UL Burglar & Two Hour Fire Safe

    The first family that is number 1 above everyone else is the Gardall Burglar Fire Safes. The 1812-2. It has an RSC burglar rating. It has a 2 hour Underwriters Laboratory fire rating. It has just under 1-1/2 cubic feet. The bonus, it's made in the USA. The pricing on this safe is very reasonable compared to the fact that you're getting something made in the USA.

    It's our # 1 seller. We have over 40 5 star reviews on this safe alone. That's why it's # 1.



    # 2 Gardall 1818-2 UL Burglar & Two Hour Fire Safe

    The next one is the Gardall 1818-2. This safe has a little bigger size. It's 2.22 cubic feet. Costs a little bit more. It has the same Underwriters Laboratory RSC burglar rating. It also has the Underwriters Laboratory 2 hour fire rating. And Made in the USA. Once again we have 44 reviews, 5 star reviews on this safe.

    The other thing you can do is go to our website at the 1818-2 by Gardall and there is a full 3 minute video on that particular safe going over all the construction of it and the finite details. So if you're looking for the best value in safes today, look at these two Gardall Burglar Fire Safes and you'll find out that they are the best today in the safe industry.





    # 3 Mesa MBF3820E Burglary & Fire Safe

    Our # 3 top selling burglar fire safe is the Mesa Safe Company model MBF3820E. This safe is 6.42 cubic feet in size. It has a B Burglar Rating and it has a 2 hour fire rating. We have over 30 5 star reviews on this safe. If you're looking for something that may not be quite as high of a burglar rating as the Gardall's, but still it's 3 times the size, this is a great value. Mesa Safe has been in business for 35-40 years. They've been building and making safes out of California for that long. Another nice thing about this safe is you can get it with a UL digital lock or the standard dial combination lock. So take a look at the Mesa MBF3820E if you need a safe that's bigger than the Gardall's, doesn't have the higher burglar rating but the same fire rating and around the same price point.



    # 4 AMSEC CSC3018 CSC Series Burglar and Fire Safe

    The 4th best selling burglar fire safe on our site today is made by American Security. American Security has been in business 72 years so just like Gardall - 68 years for Gardall, 72 years for American Security. These companies have been around a long time. The AMSEC CSC3018. This safe features 5.09 cubic feet. It has the RSC Underwriters Laboratory burglar rating. It has a 2 hour fire rating and it's available with either a combination or digital lock. We've been selling these safes for many years and you'll find over 27 5 star reviews on the AMSEC CSC3018. So if you're looking for a little bigger safe with the RSC burglar rating, take a look at the AMSEC CSC3018.



    #5 AMSEC CSC1913 Burglar & Fire Rated Safe

    Finally, the number 5 burglar fire safe is another safe made by American Security. It's the CSC1913. It has 1.68 cubic feet. It has a 2 hour fire rating and it has the Underwriters Laboratory RSC burglar rating which is so important. That Underwriters Laboratory burglar rating on all these except the Mesa is a higher burglar rating than the B-Rating. This safe is also available with a dial combination lock or a digital lock. You will find that it's a great quality safe at a very affordable price.




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    Please give one of our safe professionals a call at 800-207-2259 today! We can help you purchase the right safe for your needs. 

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