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    What Do I Do if I Get Locked Out of My Safe?

    What Do I Do if I Get Locked Out of My Safe?

    There may come a time as a safe owner where you regret getting the top of the line security features when you find that you have accidentally locked yourself out of your home safe.

    Don’t fear though because there are a few things that you can try to get back in without too much trouble. Luckily you don’t have to get out the old stethoscope and try your hand and lockpicking should you accidentally lock yourself out. Here are some options you can try before you call a professional locksmith to solve your problem.


    The first step, though perhaps not pertinent to the problem at hand, is prevention by keeping a backup of your combination or code for such a situation. It may be a good idea to keep something like this in a safe deposit box at the bank or with other important documents you keep around the house.

    Alternatively if you use a key you may think about keeping a well hidden backup somewhere accessible for such an occasion (but not in the safe!) If you’re using a custom combination make it something easy to remember (but not too obvious) so that you’ll be less likely to end up in this situation.


    Depending on the manufacturer and whether you have previously changed your combination it may be possible to contact the company you bought the safe from and check if they have the original combination on file.

    This will require you to prove your identity and may take some time but will also be cheaper than a locksmith. This requires a little bit of foresight in properly registering the safe when you buy it and making sure that you keep the necessary documents to prove that it’s your safe. Usually this process requires a notary public to authenticate your request for your safe combination.


    Lastly you’ll have to call a locksmith to get into your safe. Depending on the amount of security this could be a quick and not invasive process but in the worst case scenario they may have to drill a small hole in your safe to deactivate the lock (this might be where you regret getting the glass re-locking plates). Unfortunately locksmiths can be quite expensive so it may be time to reassess the value of the safe and its contents and compare that to the estimate of the locksmith’s services. Generally though, this is a common problem and something that most locksmiths are accustomed to doing so the process should be simple and painless.