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    What Does the Future Hold for Safe Security?

    Safes are often on the cutting edge of security technology and for good reason. There’s nothing like strife to drive innovation. Safe security features are always in a perpetual state of change and innovation because they need to be able to combat the also ever innovative burglar. It’s something of a war of technology with ever rising stakes. There’s some pretty neat stuff out there nowadays to keep your valuable safe. Here we’ll look at some of the different methods being used to keep valuables safe in top of the line safes and how it may affect the future of safe technology.

    When it comes to upping the security on a safe there are a few options. The first thing that you can do is make the walls and door thicker and use stronger materials and composites in doing so. This is a great option and a viable route to beefing up the security of your safe. The other option is to use technology in a creative way to make the safe more secure. This is where new ideas can flourish. One interesting method being recently employed is upping the connectivity of home and commercial safes. These modified safes can now offer a unique set of options to monitor and control your valuables remotely. What if you could get a text message whenever your safe was opened? This might have once seemed like a distant goal has recently become a reality and likely just the tip of the iceberg for things to come. Modern safe security will likely focus on linking your safe, your home, and yourself into a cohesive network. Monitoring your safe will be an automated and customizable process. With your valuables linked to your home security system they will be more secure and the control will be at your fingertips. In theory it’s a great idea that has a lot of potential for the future of home and commercial safes. The only downside of an interconnected security network is that it may only be as strong as the weakest link in the network. If you can control some aspects of your safe from your smartphone, and your smartphone is stolen your safe may be compromised. Fortunately these details still have some time to work themselves out and safeguards to be put in place. This technology is still young and regularly being innovated and reinvented so it will be interesting to see how things pan out for the future of wirelessly connected home and commercial safes.