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    What Should My Business Keep in a Safe or Vault?

    A fireproof safe is a very prudent investment for a business. But how should you best use it? In this article, we’ll cover the items that businesses should keep in a safe or vault.

    Items your business should keep in a safe or vault

    It seems like every summer catastrophic wildfires are in the news. Homes and businesses turned to ash. Those images are burned into most of our minds. You may not be able to control the weather, but your business doesn’t have to be victimized if you keep your valuables securely protected. Here are 8 items that should be stored in a fireproof safe or vault at all times.


    • Current insurance policies and agent contact information:If your business is damaged during a fire, you’ll need these right away.
    • Business financial records: Chances are these will be kept securely in the Cloud, but you may want to keep this information in “hacker-proof” physical form as well.
    • Important records relating to investments and bank accounts: You may need to access these in an emergency.
    • Information on debts, due dates, and associated contact information: Anything you need to keep your finances in order after a disaster should be kept safe.
    • Safety deposit box keys: If you store any valuables at a bank, you’ll want to be able to access them in an emergency.
    • Sensitive work documents: Not all of your important records will be uploaded to the cloud. Some you may want to keep as private as possible.
    • Important physical assets: Depending on the nature of your business, you may keep items such as jewelry or weapons on the premises. These should be kept in a safe or vault at all times.
    • Cash: Again, depending on the nature of your business, large volumes of cash may flow through your premises. Keep this cash safe and minimize the financial damage from a large fire.

    Choosing the right safe or vault

    When you choose a safe or a vault, don’t assume that it is rated against fire. Check for a fire rating from the Underwriter’s Laboratory, an independent organization that tests the capability of safe and vault products. Ideally, you want a product that can keep paper safe. This means internal temperature shouldn’t rise above 350 for 30 minutes or more. You can read more about fire ratings here. Start thinking about fire protection now, and you won’t be caught unaware when fire season comes around. For more business safe options check out
    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs

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