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    Where Should You Install Your Safe?

    So you’ve made the big decision to buy a safe and ensure that your valuable and sentimental belongings are well protected from potential burglars. Good job! We think that was a great decision. But now you’ve got an even bigger decision to make—where do you install your safe?

    The location of a safe is an incredibly important decision that will impact the overall security of your belongings. For example, if you’ve bought a small to mid-size safe and leave it out in the middle of your living room, the robbers may well make off it with without even trying to crack it. They can spend some good time working on breaking it open at their workshop. What do they care? You were the one who didn’t hide it well or bother to bolt it to the floor. BUT, if you think about this decision carefully and locate a safe, secure, and well-hidden spot, your safe can give you the security you need.

    There are several things you should consider as you think about the location of your new safe:

    1) How big it is? The larger the safe the fewer places you can stash it BUT, on the plus size, the harder it will be for robbers to make off with it. A large, vault-type safe can be free-standing in an office, or better yet, a closet. A smaller safe will be able to fit in lots of places, such as closets, under countertops, in cabinets, etc.

    2) What kind of safe have you purchased? Most of the safes purchases today are free-standing but some of the very best options available are in-floor or in-wall safes that require a contractor to come out to your home and actually cement the safe into your wall or floor. When you’re making your purchasing decision, you need to consider the pros and cons of a free-standing versus an in-floor safe. We’ve actually written a blog on just that topic if you are interested in perusing. The type of safe you’ve purchased greatly impacts where you will place it.

    3) Are you going to secure your safe to the floor? If you’ve bought a smaller, free-standing safe (the most common on the market today), you will want to make sure that wherever you decide to keep your safe, you are able to bolt it down to the floor. Is the floor sturdy? Are you going to be upset if you have to change the location of the safe?

    Are you SURE that’s where you want the safe to go? Well, I hope this has been helpful as you think about where you are going to install your newly bought safe. Remember, there are many possibilities and the right spot is one where the safe will be 1) well-hidden, 2) not easily carried off, 3) accessible to you. Good luck!