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    Who Needs a Data Media Safe?

    One of the often overlooked niches of the safe market is the data media safe. While most people would lump this in with a fireproof document safe they are far from the same thing. The core difference here is the internal temperature of the safe during a fire. While paper and documents will begin to degrade at around 350 F, hard drives, discs, and other storage devices can degrade at a much lower temperature (around 135 F). This means that digital or analog data may not be safe in your fireproof document safe. Here we’ll look at some common items that would necessitate a data safe and some of the perks of owning your own fire resistant data safe.

    Computer Backup One of the perks of the 21st century is that we can manage our lives and our business’s using basic home computers. One of the downsides, however, is that information on your computer is in a fairly fickle medium. Computer problems are not unheard of and if you have important information it’s a great idea to back it up and store it somewhere safe. This is especially true if you are running a small business and your income is linked to the safety of your computer’s information. So, you’ve got a backup hard drive which is the first step to securing your data but it still is not safe from a fire. If you are serious about keeping your data safe it’s important to have a data media safe that will protect it even during the event of a fire. During a fire the internal temperature and humidity of your data safe will remain at a safe temperature to keep your backup files intact. Storing a computer backup in a data safe is a nearly infallible way to preserve it. When your life hinges on such a fickle medium there’s no reason to mess around and not take appropriate precautions. Film and Photos Data safes are not only exclusive to digital data but rather can be useful in keeping any temperature sensitive items. This includes film and photographs. These items would be exposed to temperatures too hot in a normal fire safe and require the additional protection of a data media safe. This is a must have if your work revolves around media but also a great way to ensure family pictures and memories are safe. If something cannot be replaced it’s better to be safe than sorry. While data media safes focus mostly on fire protection they also offer some degree of burglar protection as well. They can be bought rather cheaply for entry level models and are a must have item if you regularly depend on digital media in your life.