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    Do I need a safe when I work from home?

    With the current state of the failing economy, more and more people are electing to find non-traditional modes of employment. This means that there are more people working from home, in small business or freelance positions than ever before. This means that there are more home offices in operation now than there have been ever before. When you decide to set up a home office, you decide to take responsibility for the myriad of important documents that go with home business ownership. There are business licenses, tax forms, zoning permits, employer and employee identification papers, insurance papers and tons more.

    In fact, many small business owners say that keeping track of all the paperwork is often more difficult than running the actual business. Most people assume that because most home business owners spend significant time at home, that there is no need for any sort of systematic protection. But in reality, with the increase number of important (and often highly sensitive) documents, some sort of system of business management is essential to come up with early on. And one of the main parts of this system we recommend is the use of a high quality paper safe to ensure that these important papers are kept out of harm’s way. We have a great selection of fire-proof safes that will protect your precious documents.

    Fire-proof safes are built so that in the case of a high-heat fire, the walls of the safe emit moisture to keep the temperature on the inside of the safe mild enough to ensure the safety of the documents contained therein. Fire-proof safes are often tested and rated by an organization called the “Underwriter’s Laboratory” (or UL for short). These ratings outline the temperatures (and times in high-heat fire) that the contents of the safe will be safe from harm and destruction.

    For example, a UL Class C safe is proven to protect papers to a temperature of 1700F for one hour. For a home office setting, you want to make sure that you have at least a Class C or a One-Hour Rating. This means that any documents you have in the safe will be protected for one hour of fire – for most business owners this is sufficient protection. If you run a business that deals with many highly sensitive documents or original records, you might want to consider a higher grade safe.