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First Alert 2484DF Executive Gun Safe

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The first alert 2484DF is an excellent quality mid-range multi-purpose gun safe. This safe comes with a plethora of quality security features as well as a one hour fire rating. Equipped with a programmable digital lock and pry resistant internal hinges, the First Alert 2484DF is an excellent option for the modest price range under $600. Here we’ll look at some of the technical specifications as well as the pros and cons of the First Alert 2484DF Executive Gun Safe.

External dimensions: 27.00” H x 18.50” W x 19.50” D

Internal dimensions: 25.50” H x 17.00” W x 14.00” D

Internal storage capacity: 3.50 cubic feet

Weight: 170 pounds

As you can see from the dimensions this safe is not meant for rifles. The 2484DF fits an interesting niche being bigger than a pistol box but smaller than a rifle cabinet. The idea is to have a home safe that can fit multiple small firearms and accessories and still have space for documents or valuables. It is a burglary, fire, and gun safe all in one.

Some key features of this product include:

  • Programmable digital locking system with an emergency override key.
  • Pry resistant all steel door with concealed hinges and three locking door bolts.
  • Fully carpeted interior with adjustable shelves and key rack.
  • Included mounting hardware and holes.
  • AA battery backup.
  • 5 year warranty.

The technical security specifications for this safe include an Underwriter’s Laboratory certification for fire resistance. This safe will maintain an internal temperature of 350 F for one hour with an external temperature of 1,200 F. This makes the First Alert 2484DF ideal for documents.

This safe is perfect for someone that needs a mid-range medium sized all purpose safe. If you plan on exclusively guns you may be better off with a pistol box or a gun cabinet. If you plan on only storing documents and valuables you may want a pure burglary fire safe. However, if you plan on storing a variety of different items this safe will be well suited for the job. The First Class 2484DF is high quality for a reasonable price and can serve a number of different purposes.

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