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Think offensively when choosing your defense

Posted by Jay Hunt on

A few weeks ago my near and dear WSU Cougar football team played the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It was supposed to be a walk in the park for the Fighting Irish, which of course it was. Unfortunately for the Cougars, the front line of the Fighting Irish was simply too much of a heavy-weight for the Cougs. This year, the Cougs have just come up woefully short. Thankfully, there is always next year to make things better and that is the nature of college football.

When it comes to protecting valuables, if you lose something because some jerk happened to want

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Ready for a burglary? Why not just leave your door open?

Posted by Jay Hunt on

While we cannot totally prevent someone from breaking into a home or business, there are some precautions that can be taken to better protect oneself against a loss. Many will say that insurance companies will pay to cover these losses and that it isn’t something to worry about. Use your insurance too many times though, and your insurance premium will either be sky high, or the insurance company will politely tell you to go somewhere else.

Maybe you’ve been to the doctor’s office lately for a checkup. The kind doctor who is there to ensure that you are on a path of

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Should I keep my money under a mattress?

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

In recent months we have noticed an increase in activity of safe sales and the main reason for this is that people fear their hard earned money is not safe in a financial institution. While this may or may not be a wise decision, we do feel that if you choose to retrieve your money and take it home, you have created another problem.

Our company is in the business of security, and each day we talk to people that tell us heartbreaking stories about how their cash, jewelry and other valuables were stolen. It isn’t just thieves that take these items;

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Underwriters Laboratory Safe Testing

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

Underwriters Laboratory (U.L) is a product safety testing and certification organization that develops standards for many products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment.  More than six billion U.L. labels are printed and placed on products each year. They also certify and test many types of safes to make sure they meet certain requirements for fire and theft. Underwriters Laboratory testing is the toughest in the industry, and only equipment that meets their requirements carries their label. Many safe manufactures will have their safes tested at a private laboratory to save money; however, U.L. testing is the real standard of product

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Wall Safe or a Free Standing Safe?

Posted by Dye Hawley on

There are many people who call us and ask about the security of a wall safe vs a free-standing burglar fire safe. The following is an analysis of the Pro’s and Con’s of both types of safes:

Benefits of a Wall Safe:

  • Wall Safes can be concealed or hidden behind a large wall painting, cabinet or a wall panel. “Out of sight, out of mind”
  • They are located at a higher level off the floor, so the access to this safe is easier.
  • Easy to install.

Disadvantages of a Wall Safe:

  • They are typically not very large and cannot store very much. They are usually only 3.5″

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