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How do Cash Counters Work?

Posted by Alexandra on

Cash counters are a cornerstone of any high cash flow business. They have the ability to reduce man hours spent counting, reduce human error, and even detect counterfeit bills. These are truly unique machines. Have you ever wondered how it is a cash counting machine can tell the difference between a $10 and $20 dollar bill? Also, just how accurate are these machines? Here we’ll look into some of the basic functions and abilities of cash counting machines.

 These machines were first developed in the 1920’s (admittedly in much more primitive forms) to help the Federal Reserve increase efficiency. These first machines

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Coin Counters

Posted by Dye Hawley on

I remember for Christmas one year my parents gave me one of those plastic coin counters. I remember I used to go around begging my parents, and my grandparents, and my friends parents, and the teller at the grocery store (and just about any other adult around) for their extra pennies and nickels to add to my coin collection. At least once per day I would load all my coins into my coin counter – every time I’d be surprised when the counter came up with a number. And, even more surprised that the number would always be the same. It

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